Wednesday, January 31, 2007

syan, london.
love her gaze.

grades? appearances?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

to the particular anonymous here:

guess you were from the 2+ years when i was in rgs. what did i do to earn your abhorrence?

i have to admit that i slept my days away and only looked to get passes so i could stay in the school. but see, since i'd done only that, i can't understand how i'd have offended anyone, really. if there is someone to have a reason to be unhappy with me, it ought to be the teachers because of the aforementioned reason right?

oh well. now that i think about it, i do feel a little sorry. did you try very hard to get into rgs, and harder just to survive? are you jealous that i didn't seem to have needed to do those things? are you so obsessed with me that you read through every article about me that had been in the media and googled for me to find my previous blog? why're you concerned about the modelling part which i haven't mentioned even a single bit for a very long time? should i be pitiful?

maybe, you are just plain sad. that like practically everyone else, you can't put your life in your hands and do what you want. you are among those who didn't know what they wanted at all but to study in a prestigious school and graduate to the next, and/or eventually marry to a rich husband and be a taitai (nothing wrong with that, by the way, i totally support it).

it's all about how you want your life to be, but seeing you're unhappy and have to take it out on me, there is perhaps a little more to it than just wanting to take the path of the last line i'd mentioned.

Monday, January 29, 2007

my stomach had been hurting since sat night.. went worse yest evening. i literally cried to sleep with the pain. decided this morning that it was too unbearable and i couldn't get out of bed... after running to the washroom a few times and having no appetite to eat i went to see my doc, got a jab and threw up all the congee i had last night after half an hour. i haven't vomited so much since forever. was given mc for 2 days and had to starve for another 5 hours after taking the meds which made my first meal of the day at 6pm T_T

thanks for all the comments, i really appreciate it ^^ *hugs all*

days of our lives

Sunday, January 28, 2007

this was shot in london. was a pain. the model got lost because she didn't know where in regent's park i was gonna meet her to pick her up. so i ended up walking for an hour around the park to find her together with my assistant. oh so much excercise~

i really liked the first shot. i feel the bottom 3 are kinda weak but they were for the designer of the outfits. we only had 10min or so to take the bottom 3 because the stylist only came when the model was about to leave. they all liked the shots though. which ones do you prefer?

testing for a upcoming shoot for meza virs later. thinking about it i haven't really had the time to process all my photos from the past month, just alot of shooting and shooting (photos). in the process of revamping my portfolio, i wanna change my scheme back to my colour. hehe.

air rifle later, it's been so long, sometimes i feel like i'd forgotten how competition feels like.

sheer light

Friday, January 26, 2007

i think it's becoming pretty clear that my models get tortured by me from time to time. ah the things we do to get good pictures~ this is sinsong.


finished processing Julianna's shots from New York a few days ago... more or less quite happy with them. it's something really different from my usual style of work~

Thursday, January 25, 2007

had another shoot with yun yesterday. omg i can't believe how much weight she's lost. it's as much as i'd probably gained in the past months or so (which is alot alot ALOT for her to lose since she's already thin =_=)

i'm quite happy with what we did. here're some xD

cute right cute right~~?

i want sponsors and contributors~ give me all your cute and chic bags and let me shoot a series~~


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

okay~ so i decided to make a blog here because blogger's sooo much easier for uploading of pictures XD

woooh~ so cool. hahaha.

hehe okay i'll update and rant and rant alot so bear with me. but you're also going to see alot of photos~ *beams*

i'm high today, thus the birth of this. ah ah~ *dances around*