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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

to the particular anonymous here:

guess you were from the 2+ years when i was in rgs. what did i do to earn your abhorrence?

i have to admit that i slept my days away and only looked to get passes so i could stay in the school. but see, since i'd done only that, i can't understand how i'd have offended anyone, really. if there is someone to have a reason to be unhappy with me, it ought to be the teachers because of the aforementioned reason right?

oh well. now that i think about it, i do feel a little sorry. did you try very hard to get into rgs, and harder just to survive? are you jealous that i didn't seem to have needed to do those things? are you so obsessed with me that you read through every article about me that had been in the media and googled for me to find my previous blog? why're you concerned about the modelling part which i haven't mentioned even a single bit for a very long time? should i be pitiful?

maybe, you are just plain sad. that like practically everyone else, you can't put your life in your hands and do what you want. you are among those who didn't know what they wanted at all but to study in a prestigious school and graduate to the next, and/or eventually marry to a rich husband and be a taitai (nothing wrong with that, by the way, i totally support it).

it's all about how you want your life to be, but seeing you're unhappy and have to take it out on me, there is perhaps a little more to it than just wanting to take the path of the last line i'd mentioned.


ade said...

hi dear...
don't bother about the prick... u know better and u're definitely made of sterner stuff with standards in both modelling and photography... wanted to leave a comment on your page previously about your shots... but couldn't seem to leave a comment with the server being a tad wonky... anyways... just want to keep it simple... love your stuff as usual... keep up the good work and can't believe u did the shooting in new york and london?!? absolutely gorgeous background... and definitely jealous to bits... love and miss u... -hug-

Anonymous said...

it's more like shocking to see you as a's kind of like having xiaxue as your schoolmate and finding out she quit school and became a model. the only dif is she's short and you're fat.

jing said...

what to do, some people look great in photos even if they balloon to 300kg.
some people are just born talented, some others are just born bitchy.

Anonymous said...

its more like shocking to see that a (supposedly) highly educated person could actually be so shallow, so morally debased.
what's really the worth of a prestigious education when you have no integrity, no respect for others. and obviously, no intellect.


Carol said...

I would have to agree with veli:

Its more shocking, to see an RAFFLES girl no doubt stoop so low as to bitchcrap.
Oh well, seems like you dont seem to have a good studying attitude, you certainly didnt learn any manners there.
Bitchcrap? oh wait, i shouldnt use such bombastic words, you probably wont understand them.
After all, as you dont seem to have learnt anything in your four years there, i can only conclude that you are either a plain idiot, or lacking totally in common sense and intelligence.
Though it would probly have to be the latter, RGS doesnt accept idiots.
Which would only lead me to conclude once again that it was a fluke you got in, or you actually have some brains, but dont use them.
Shame. Your place could have been given to someone else better.

Theres the door. Please do wipe your feet on the doormat before you leave, thank you and have a pleasant life!

arisu said...

i feel sorry for that girl, i mean... you should report her, saying she's actually harassing you and attacking you just because she might be jealous or likes to act bitchy.
it's like... doesn't she have a life? pfff.

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

Never mind Jing!!! Gambatte... She really is a NOBODY compare to you.... You have your talent!!! And you have all of us!!! Bother these kind of people will be such a waste of time...

xxx said...
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lurker said...

well.. i think u have another loyal reader to your blog :)
i like your works

Akiko said...

How you put up with it I don't know. When you going to do some more shots in London :)

Anonymous said...

they're probably just jealous and upset that you've become so successful and didnt do that much work in school....which is untrue, since you've obviously devoted a lot of time and energy on your photography and deserve the success with it.