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Monday, February 12, 2007

issue the headphones shot was in:

the page:the i found out that a friend's work was stolen and used by a girl at an art show, claiming my friend's self portraits to be her photography works and selling them shamelessly. the curator didn't want to take them down when it was brought up on the 2nd day by another exhibitor, saying that it will create an empty space.


i think people take it for granted knowing that poor artists like us have no money to sue them because it will cost us a hell lot and we won't get back enough to cover the fees we end up paying. so they continue stealing, and stealing, and stealing, ripping us off.

i'm going to start sorting this out when i finish my work check week, any contribution of info and ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Abbi said...

I want to help in any way I can with this. Im a poor artist too, and I feel I can relate to not having the money to take an action.
If you have a paypal account, I could send some money to help out.
Let me know.

Hope said...

fight it my deviant friend. the woman should know better than to steal someone elses art! I support you!

Ian said...

Hi Again,

People are wondering what you are going to do. Any ideas ?
Let me know if I can be of help.



P.S. Do u have more pictures of Kelly ?

C.L. Jahn said...

I live in Miami, not far from Boca Raton. Anything I can do to help, I will. I'm also going to have a friend who's a patent attorney read your account. Maybe she'll help out on this. I work in the arts, and I hate to see this kind of flagrant abuse go on without any action against it. Best of luck with it!

Omar said...

I came to your blog after seeing some of your work on DeviantArt. I'm quite impressed.

It's very sad that you had some of your work ripped off. I'm a musician in Egypt, and just two weeks ago - I found out that one of the biggest television talk shows in Egypt has been using a track of mine for months now.

I made a few calls and got the number of the program producer, called her up - told her they were using my music without my consent. They said they'll meet me to 'resolve the issue'. So far they've canceled 3 appointments and I'm quite frustrated. The way I see it - I have two choices - I can barge into their main office and cuss the hell out of them, or I can go to a lawyer. Probably both, in that order.

In your case, I suggest you contact the newspaper - I would suggest you do so by phone, since emails are a dime a dozen, and inform them that they're running an ad that violates your image copyrights, and ask them who's responsible for the actual ad - it might not be the client, it might be a marketing agency - and contact them to AT THE VERY LEAST get them not to use it anymore.

I'm not quite sure at this point that you could get any compensation without going through hell, but getting them to not use it anymore should be simpler.