Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dreamer. by =zemotion on deviantART

Finally took time out to properly DI this one. It really wasn't easy deciding on the tonality, a slight shift makes a huge difference.

and i redid the colors for these!

Had really nice steamboat for lunch downstairs, it's only $16.80 per person inclusive of GST and service charge~ anybody who likes steamboat should go try, it's at Balestier Road, directly across the road from Loy Kee Chicken rice. We ordered alot alot of golden mushroom and beef~~ and 百叶 as well, i haven't had that in years.

I'm picking works for Hong to enter for EXPOSÉ 5, I'm not that excited and am not going to submit anything new, I just don't think the book is worth that... With everyone submitting the same stuff we'd seen anyway. I'd rather keep the unpublished images for other things. Wondering whether to submit for CGOverdrive actually, since he might be here when it's on. I feel so bad because I realized after a year I still haven't collected the plaques from their office for having his works in the exhibition last year haha.

Anyway, I just realized I have 2 new corsets sitting in my half unpacked luggaged from London, I hope to be able to use them soon. :D


arisu said...

i wish i had corsets ;_____;

hm well.. i posted old stuff too for expose' but now i think maybe i should delete them since i won't be picked anyway >.> i'm leaving the new images for expose' 6 next year. so this year, if i make a lot of bunch of new images, then i use some from the end of last year and some from the beginning of this.
yeah you're right.. don't post the unpublished ones, use ones that were published already, i feel kinda PF cuz i was seeing some ppl that actually are submitting for it that i don't consider them anything special or all that amazing (i'm not either but well.)
so it leaves me kinda relutant on posting again -_-'
ah anyways... :/

Li Ann said...

u go eat steamboat without me? :(

lets go tian tian at tanqueelan to eat. i think cheaper than 16.80!!!!