princess z

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

becomes penguin z. I've no idea how it happened. X_x and my hair's like.. thinning. *stabs S*

Okay, way better. But.. but... Why am I in a penguin suit!

and... S attempting to speak to me in Chinese, and failing.. terribly.

*drawing credits to S!


PrincessX said...

Nice drawings =)

fernfreak said...

those images are really cute! :)

oh and s probably sounds waaaay better than me at chinese! (i actually had to think for awhile to figure out what those words meant...) :)

j said...

thanks princessx. Nice blog :P

fernfreak: took me a while to figure out who you are! lol. ahh i do recall your chinese being.. in need of help. but i think you taking a while to figure out what he said was due to the fact that his was horrible to begin with XD XD XD see you soon. it's been a loooong time.


0.0... haha, cute! Too bad i don't understand chinese that well -.-"

xx. ^^ said...

that's really cute!!!

by the way, i linked u at my personal blog