Monday, April 30, 2007

Wonderful advanced birthday dinner at Angus Steak House at Takashimaya. I leave Singapore on the 3rd, and on the 4th I'd be all lonely to myself with no one to celebrate for me. Booooooooooo.

Okay actually not really, I'll be pretty much at dinner with a couple hundreds people for the opening ceremony of the ISSF Worldcup Bangkok.

19 feels like such an odd age to be. I guess it doesn't really make a difference though since the 18th birthday was pretty much plain as hell, I didn't even have a birthday cake. Right nevermind, I'll just demand for some presents for my 20th and 21st!!! XD XD XD

I'm extremely in love with a Roger Dubuis rose gold pyramid pendant. It's so so so so soooooooo beautiful. *ahem* I'd love a PS3 too, just that I don't have a TV. Hrm.

I actually feel like... These 2-3 years, there's hardly anything I want to be bought for me. Much lesser than my younger days. It's probably the age, you feel that you don't have to save up a month to buy a CD and gotta hide it in your closet, you really want lesser material things and just hope to have one or two true friends you can really talk to and not treat you like you're invisible or with intentions of friending you for other motives. And the goals in life that you so want to achieve to really be reached and not tortured till death along the way...

Thank you my bestestest friend, for being the only one who cared to care. Though bumpy, 18 had been a fulfilling year. Thank you all who have walked with me this far.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My wall poster for my corner of the exhibition/presentation. Ends up I didn't have to present much at all it was all kinda overwhelming how everyone was actually praising my photographs and garments.

The new head of fashion pointed to some pieces on my rack and said "we can use that on the runway". Oh man yeah I was just overwhelmed. Seeing others and professionals look at my photos in prints and going on about how amazing they are just gives such a different impact than receiving comments online. Perhaps because it's more real, that you get to see their expressions. I'd never printed my shots before till today. -_-;;

I always had the impression the European lecturers are really haughty because they're a better breed but he is really nice and extremely encouraging. He was probably the one who showed most interest in everybody's works when they were presenting, I respect that respect he has for us. Not like some lecturer who was smirking while agreeing with another that a student has bad attendance. It was someone before me, I always remembered her to be rather hardworking. Some teachers just never 'see' you because they only see so few people.

Sewing wasn't so bad afterall.

Worked on this for school, hope to finish soon.

Re-DIed an old photo done with choo. Ahhhh those memories. I need to shoot something like this again.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Snowflakes... I miss winter days.

I didn't make it for the weiqi tournament in Korea, but the selections stirred up something in me that fell asleep...

Barefoot Coffee Roasters Show 04/07

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

5237 Stevens Creek Blvd
Santa Clara, California 95051

From (event link):

For the month of April, Barefoot Coffee Roasters will be showing works courtesy the DA Prints system and artist from as far afield as Scotland to Singapore in various media.

Established players like photographer Zhang Jingna (zemotion), digital painter Kuang Hong (noah-kh) and illustrator Inge Vandormael (Alexiou) are joined by up and coming talent like Greg Kucharo (kucharo) and Robbie Yamenja (Yamenja) and no less than three DA staffers: Lesa Sweet (fangedfem), Fiona Hooley (chix0r) and Joseph Arruda (zeruch) are on the walls.

Art is for sale both at the venue and via the DA galleries of the artists themselves. For all other inquiries, contact

I don't know if anyone who read this is actually at Silicon Valley, but just letting you know anyway. Please drop by and show some support~

There's a selection this Saturday for the competition in Korea, 2 femals and 2 males. Damn I wanna go, but my weiqi is so rusty I can barely remember 3 basic openings.


Friday, April 13, 2007

I found out that my final assessment is not next week, but the week after. Horrible feeling about this, I haven't been shooting (photo and rifle) for too long.


mizeryFree is performing. It's their first gig after a long break (must have been a year plus, and it's probably been longer than that since I last saw them), so guys please hop down and support!!! It's at the PowerHouse Stage (aka. the Arena stage at Baybeats), next to the makansutra foodcourt area.

Actually I have no idea where that is, but I'll figure it out. They're going for a change in music directions as of what I heard and mostly new songs, but here's an old one that I really liked. Right click and save as. :)

mizeryFree - Puppets

Okay, also...





Nevermind. The thought just slipped my mind. Ah well anyway yeah go for the gig!

Oh I remember now. Weiqi is going to be in Asian Games, how cool is that. I'm going to work so hard for the 2010 for my air rifle so I can make it and maybe get to see Lee Sedol and Lee Changho play in person. MUahahAHHhahaha. My bestestest friend lets work hard and go together~ XD

There's also the chance that there might be pairgo. I wanna go!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gah~~ childhoooooooodddd. There're so many, i'm just picking a few randomly~ must have been some 4-5 years ago, these photos. i had such bad hair, hairshows were so bad for health. i'd not touched my hair since. XD
I found a pile of old photos today.

So amused.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

I feel slightly stressed about my workload, the fact that I'm not doing enough of the things I want to, and the fact that I'm not sparing enough time for my air rifle training. I hate the thought of taking a break this year again because I know once I do it it's likely I'll not go back to school anymore.

Yeah I'm like that before my final assessment X_x

Since I'm so deprived of childhood, will you share with me some images or scans of illustrations or drawings from children's books? Be it cartoon-ish or manga or fairytale stuff, i don't care whether its monsters or children or animals or bishounens (i love!) or anything else. Images only, thank you!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Ah turns out I can't shoot at the monthly shoot because even though I'm back in Singapore, my smalbore rifle is still stuck in the US. Hahhaa. ^^;


Photography: Zhang Jingna
Model: Pauline
Dress by Zhang Jingna
I was just reading the papers on the plane, remembered this article where it talked about the percentage of baggage losses from european airlines. So I talked about it with a teammate while we were waiting for our baggages to come out. BA ranked the highest followed by another 2, one which was air france (the one we took), the other I can't remember. After half an hour plus or an hour we realized we had 2 missing luggages. ^^; One was found in Paris, where we had our transit, another is... in the process of being located. Like.. wha lao~ ._.

I don't claim to have travelled alot, but after a few years you do feel that Singapore Airlines is the most comfortable and Singapore's airport just makes you feel so much better whether departing or arriving~ So spacious and the people are so nice. Unlike some countries/airlines where people give you looks/responses like you're dirt because you're asians.

Wahh anyway I've to unpack. I took no pictures, but bought some stuff. Maybe I'll take some photos of them later days. Now I have a competition tomorrow morning and test on monday and assessment week to come. If there should be a miracle I pray that I can finish my work. Gah.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Today I suddenly realized the idea of 'losing face' to me is not simply just lose face, but like on a really really extreme severe scale of shame.

I was shooting my 3p's (3 positions 50m smallbore, prone, standing, kneeling positions) elimination round today. Maybe it's been a while since I'd shot on the Suis Ascor target machines... I just didn't notice the zeroing and I started my prone score shots before they were properly zeroed. Started off horribly, way worse than my usual. Prone's supposed to be the easiest of all... Anyway, then it crossed my mine that I was rushing because I was ashamed of shooting so badly.

Like, please. I knew my scores won't be good enough for anyone to care in the first place. Why do I feel this way!?

Then I thought about it, I feel really ashamed of my photoworks too. Someone help meeeeeee. Arghhh. WHYYY just WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Alright, actually, I don't know if I'm ashamed or just sorta confused.

Sighs. I don't even make sense now I read through what I just typed. Nevermind.

Oh yeah, I made it into the qualification round tomorrow. I'm so fucking tired, I haven't shot so much in consecutive days for years since our Shanghai training trips. *drops dead*
I'm in the mood to photograph some guys. Hmm.

Doubt I'll have the time though, will probably be over this by the time I can free out slots. Haha ah well we'll see.

390 for air rifle and 568 for 3p. Can't say I'm contented with the scores but I guess it's acceptable for training once a month. *slaps self* If I find the energy maybe I'll blog about it.

Katerina Kurkova's finals is so zai, so is Matthew Emmons. Such a wonderful couple. And imo she's one of the hottest among the top shooters. XD


Sunday, April 1, 2007

she is suuuch a darling~ Yeah I'm like... going through my endless list of backlog of photos. T_T