Friday, June 29, 2007

Was on the topic with a friend today. Not so much about earning, but more on lending and getting back, the relationships with people.

Here's my story.

Long ago when I was young (and naive), once, I had a friend, A, who needed to borrow $300 from me urgently. He promised he'd return the next day, and he did. I felt a little uneasy about it at first but I lent it to him because I felt like I could trust him.

Some months later, another friend, B, wanted to borrow money from me (A had nothing to do with this, and doesn't know B). I'd known him for about 4 years at that time, though not acquaintances, we were not that close, but I considered us friends to a degree. He wanted to borrow $1500 and back then, I had only a little more than $2000 in my savings. I counted on the friendship and trust, believing if one person would return (like A did) then everyone would.

For precautions anyway I made a photocopy of his IC and had him sign an IOU slip. He promised to return the full amount a month later.

First I received a bounced check, then more delays, eventually a change in phone number.

I went to the address on his IC but he didn't live with his family, they wouldn't help me chase the money back and said that it didn't matter to them whether I went to the police or not. It went on for more than half a year between my flying around and what nots.

The feeling of betrayed trust was nothing new, but it still hurt especially when it comes to losing almost everything you spent years saving up.
(Yes unlike you'd probably like to imagine, I wasn't born into a life served on silver platter.)

Frustrated, cheated, lost and heartbroken, I stopped pursuing and never filed a claim. It was both too late and pretty much meaningless. I never spoke of it much except for the friend who witnessed me lending B the money that day, and some close friends when I was so upset over the case.

Today it was brought up again because as much as I hate it, I'd rather advice my friends against lending than seeing the price of false friendships costing so. I mean, my stepdad never returned my mum the money he borrowed from her for years even when they were married, talk about friends? Pft~

Anyway I'm just ranting and blabbering away. Do what you want, but know that every person you owe feels hurt beyond just the monetary values~
Been playing too much PS2 than it's healthy. @_@ It's been almost 2 years since I last played, perhaps that's my excuse.

Dabbed on a couple games from Square Enix, FF12, KH, VP2, and samurai warriors from koei. I think Dallas in VP2 (if you remember) is modelled after Gackt. It's always these super short appearances that catch me. I wasn't half as excited when I played Bujingai some years ago.

Speaking of this, the last spot of Yoshiki's new band with Gackt and Sugizo's filled by Miyavi. I so knew it. So predictable because there weren't any bigger guys left around except if we talk about bassists, Toshiya maybe, but then again he's too busy with DeG, Miyavi was in US for the event Yoshiki organized... So so so.... ahhhh it's so unfair they're starting activity in US first later on. ;_;


This pretty sums up how much I'd been slacking (other than working on photos). Next week is going to be rushing madness for cosfest's preparations. Busy busy busy.

Gotta find time to update my site, it's in such a mess and I'm sick of so many horrible photos being on it.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The today of a few years ago, was a Monday.

It was a Monday evening.
I remember.

You were listening to Ain't Afraid to Die.
You said we'd forget.

But we remember.

We miss you.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sports award this time was at raffles city convention centre (i think, or something like that). Food was... the standard many-course chinese dinner. Not that I'm complaining since it wasn't bad. Sat with some table tennis players, sailors parents, and also junhong and zhang jin (he's not my brother, though many think so because our names). The president of Singapore was there today.

Opening video was awesome, words were great (voice-over was a tad too Singaporean), I wish I could get the video or the script man it was really moving. Or maybe because I'd been shooting so bad in the past 2 years I feel old now and just get emotional really easily everytime I think about all those things. Hahaha ok I'm sounding lame. Anyway, my partner at the Commonwealth Games, Vanessa, is year's sports girl~ congrats darling!

That's mostly it for today, because it didn't involve much since I only woke up at 11.30, went to teach, then returned home to find my dress for the award dinner. Oh I was so tempted to tell the event photographers that their framings were bad. x_x

Ah wait, yes, I received a note from someone "I don't like you >:(" hahaa. *random*

Yesterday was fun though. Dropped by CG Overdrive 07 for some work and since I was there decided to go for feng zhu's talk. According to some friends it's pretty similar to last year's, but then again I guess it's still helpful to those new people. Hope the event can get bigger in the future, I really hope our industry get better.

I also hope people can just stop disfiguring and manipulating my photographs despite repeating SO MANY TIMES they just cannot seem to understand my English. Damn it, do it to yourself! @)(*!&#@!)%^#@

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Prelude by `zemotion on deviantART

Perhaps a share of the previous piece first. Dress by Veliani, it's been a pleasure working together, she's such a darling and had so patience with me because I'm such a perfectionist. This is actually a prelude to the forgotten fairytales that you guys reading this blog have already had the honour of viewing some pieces from. :P

Forgotten Fairytales II.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Do you remember this?

Worked on this while veli was cutting the new piece today. Spent half a day doing the designworks. Our first collaborative piece (sort of), it's going to be gorgeous I tell you. Well you'll see.

It's a pity I can't join the other girls for the weiqi league this year, it's all on weekends and clash terribly with my 3-times-a-month monthly shoots for my rifle. Speaking of which, I think I've yet to sign up for this Sunday's. Arghh.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Veli's coming over tomorrow to work on a new piece for the Fairytale series. I'm slightly stressed out by all these work to juggle and I think I've missed out on a few submissions. I admit there are some wonderful things happening at the same time, but nothing's really concrete.

Did some interviews lately as well and I feel terrible because I keep taking forever to get back to people because I forget, and I think I sound like a dork so I'm not going to link here. Promise I'll update with something nice when I do have.

It's been a long time since I'd watched any anime. Ahh it's kinda nostalgic.

Forgotten Fairytales

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Originally I had meant for this to be part of Thirteen Tales, but something new came out and perhaps it will be a different series... I'll explain when I post the rest. This was the shot where I hit my head so hard. Like, my brain shook in my skull. *rubs*

I haven't been eating much lately, procrastinating from work is healthy.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I hit my head during yesterday's outdoor shoot. It hurts so bad everytime I comb through my hair to tie it up I'll feel the bump and the pain. Blahh.

Into Dust.

Friday, June 8, 2007

model: sinsong

you know, it's really very very tiring every time i have to read comments along the lines of "nice pic. you've a good/pretty/professional model, why not try doing something with something not so perfect to begin with for a change".

so what makes you think the photographer/makeup artist/stylist have no credits for beautifying the subjects? it's alright when i read a couple or a dozen such comments. but when you've read hundreds of them you'll get sick too.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Reminds me why we hardly do outdoors. Ahhhh the burning sun.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Too much work, too little time.

I'll be going for Cosfest 2007 after much hiatus (actually not so long, but it's been almost 2 years), if you're looking to purchase prints please let me know in advance which ones as I'm not printing everything this time round, probably a few new ones by Noah-kh. I'm going mostly for the sake of meeting some people. Going to be at both Ngee Ann City on the 7th and Downtown east on the 15th next month. ^^