Forgotten Fairytales

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Originally I had meant for this to be part of Thirteen Tales, but something new came out and perhaps it will be a different series... I'll explain when I post the rest. This was the shot where I hit my head so hard. Like, my brain shook in my skull. *rubs*

I haven't been eating much lately, procrastinating from work is healthy.


eadwine said...


LJY said...

That. Is. Hot.
Worth the head bump, totally. *hands you icepack again* =)

&Rew said...

great mood and composition for a forgotten fairytale. only, i would never have forgotten this fairytale!

**i followed you to your blog from redbeardead - this is a great place for me to keep visiting.


j said...

thanks guys!

sometimes i don't get time to reply the comments, but i've read every single one from all the entries! XD


ShutterBug said...

this is amazing work!

TheDellis said...

I've smashed my head on exactly the same thing there! Twice!

Great shot, different from many I've seen from that place.

aertbrut said...

This photography is really unbelievable.
Can I ask u a question ? Where did u take it ? I saw your work, and each time i think "but I never saw places like it... this colors... this light... Where it can be?"
So I'm really stund by your photographs ! But it's an appreciable surprise : it's very beautiful...

Hum, and sorry for my poor english... i'm french ^^

j said...


it's in singapore? ^^; it's actually a popular wedding photography location, i know of many people who photograph pre-wedding photos there. an abandoned old place, but the government is in the process of tearing it down already. pity.