Thursday, August 16, 2007

Aside from falling very very ill and feeling hardly able to speak, I'm a very very happy girl.


Anonymous said...

You are always so happy, but your photos are so emo! ^_^

jingna said...

D: How am i emo. I'm not emo! =_=;;

Morgana D'Almeida said...

hi Zhang Jingna, I just sent you a e-mail right now, hope you can read it. And than I saw you have a blogspot too. Funny.
Heheh! ;D
Hope you're fine.
And... Emo!? wtf xD


Martijn said...

Hi there,

I've sent you an email a couple of days ago. I was wondering why you didn't respond yet, but now I read that you are not feeling good. So take it easy, i hope you get better soon! Reply when you are feeling better :-) sorry, im just too impatient :-)