Do you know

Monday, August 6, 2007

that taking my photograph, removing it's watermark, or buying prints, will NEVER equal to you owning the artwork rights, and obviously DOES NOT mean that you can freely claim yourself the artist/photographer?

Zhao Kai, I have no clue who you are and I do not work in the field of commercial photography, but people have eyes out there and you've just really shamed a pool of aspiring photographers. Claiming my work as yours to apply for a job at top creative agencies?


Even if you get the job can you do it with dignity?

But of course, that's not really the question since because it's all wrong to begin with.

Please, disgust me no more.


Efímera said...

Buu! I´ve already read about that guy who stole your work, and i can believe that. I mean, you are.. well i think ..."famous" at DA , and he just did it.

The pint is that i admire (is that the word?)your work even you are very young, my congratulations to you from Mexico.

Sorry, but I speak spanish and just a little englih

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Just back from Japan, sorry for the long time away not checking your blog :)
It's quite nice actually to see that somebody is trying to copy your work and present it as his/her own. Of course frustrating, but a good indicator of your potential success.

The more successful you become, the more you'll have people miusing your work. I wish you that much success :)

wildKeny said...

Your work is awesome! That's why the guy did such ugly thing. Frankly speaking, I cannot bear when hearing this and felt so shame that he's a Chinese (a Chinese name right?)

Hope such thing won't happen again. Anyway, we all love your pictures and we all know who's the REAL artist~

PS: It's suck that blogger is AGAIN abandoned in my country... have to use proxy to check your blog.

Maria said...

You have all my support, from Spain - I just cannot understand why every wonderful artist has to deal with that kind of people. Please keep on doing your good work.

Li said...

its because your work is so great.

but really, he souldn't have taken it