Sunday, October 28, 2007

The movie's brilliant, what can I say. To the point I was grinning from ear to ear when leaving the cinema feeling like the happiest person on earth.

OF course, aside from the fact that I thought the poster was mildly disappointing, Neil Gaiman is a complete genius, and I'd probably die to shoot for one of his works one day (if they get made into films again), the pacing's great, the cast was good, the sets are so photoshootable, the scores unbelievably loving. No fault really. (It's also possible that I'm just overwhelmed because it's Neil Gaiman, then again, my best friend agreed the movie was good, he's generally a person who usually says good things are only alright)

It's a really short entry, I know I haven't updated much but there, this deserves an entry on it's own. <3

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Getting immersed in conversations about other's professions, such things interest me most of the time. Film seems fascinating, perhaps one day I'd try doing 3-5min clips.

We sat down and talked about the industries, people, food, living, movies, scripts, and love. There's actually a man at our table who hasn't kissed in all 26 years of his life. Not I alone but the others also couldn't believe there's such an existence.

It's been a fulfilling, fun, and fattening week. Meeting new people, emptying my account for Profoto, getting my pictures printed A3 on Hahnemühle paper, making them seemingly unreal. Seriously. Too fucking beautiful.

Wonderful things are happening, I just need to see the doctor before I collapse while crossing the road. I am falling asleep every waking moment I could take my mind off things from, it's really really bad.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Photos from a long time back. I can't believe I took so long, but I gotta admit it's a lot. I can hardly convince myself I did it. Model is Xiao Rong, makeup by Joanna, photos by me and, my name is spelt as Zhang Jingna, not Zhang Jing Na. Keep the Jing and the na together, ok? <3

Monday, October 22, 2007

It's been a long long time since I did outdoors. I'd been looking forward to the shoot for quite a while... so glad I had such wonderful people and weather to work with. For Mandy Wu Collections, make up by Larry Yeo, hair by Nichole Liew.

Shooting a short story tomorrow at the beach. My script's not done, my initial storyboard was told to be needing revision (not good, duh). I'm feeling kinda stressed. After all, most others have completed theirs by now and everyone's amazing (and published). I'm pressed for photos too. Argh. But I'm most afraid being outdoor for 4 days in a row will kill my body, I hate the fact that I'm so weak against the sun and heat. I'd been able to fall asleep almost anywhere and anytime. I'm considering working out with my best friend, my body is really in terrible shape. I could fall asleep during live firing at the shooting range. -_-'

Feel like traveling after the SEA Games. Maybe it'd be good for me to move around a little.

Monday, October 15, 2007

My body feels abused. I had prone for the first 2 days until I feel so much tension pulled by the leather sling I can feel a dent in one of the bones in my left wrist, I'm thinking it will become permanent. So much pain. Had a good deal of standing this morning too, I can feel the rifle grinding my elbow into my body. Argh~~ Whoever invented the 3positions is definitely self-abusive.

Shopped at Platinum mall yesterday, stores started shutting down before I could finish the 2nd floor. -_- Ah well. It kinda sucks because most don't allow trying on, and my size is just too big to fit most clothes so it's really hard to tell without trying. Boo.

Found a Korean restaurant near the range with a nice baduk set. Too bad no one can play with me. The sound of stones is so beautiful. Maybe when I'm done with school I'll have some time to pick it up again.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I managed to get some photos printed today. They were so amazingly beautiful (Epson, on Hahnemühle paper), actually with even better tonalities than what I get on my MacbookPro display. *_* It's so unhealthy, I'm not going to accept any other quality from now on and be in a horrid state of denial.

I'm disappointed with this month's schedule, I'm missing the l'official launch party tomorrow, the Topshop competition show on Sat, and the couture clothes that are flown in for l'official's exhibition, because I'm flying off for rifle training.

My mind refuses to pack for Bangkok for this, and I hate the air. My laptop charger has decided to die on the very day before my trip and it just happens to be out of stock in Singapore for an undetermined amount of time. My wacom is being unfriendly. I really need to work on stuff while over there.

Quite a couple things to get and replace, this sux, though actually, I'm feeling pretty happy, can you tell? Hahaha. After sulking up in my room the whole day on the 10th as usual, commemorating the xth year since I'd owned my first copy of The Sandman (The Wake), can't help but feel a little sentimental eh, but it calms me.

Thank you.

Monday, October 8, 2007

I said I was going to shoot like a mad person. XD

I actually have 20+ photos. It's been forever since I'd shot asian faces, turns out this girl's pure Russian anyway. =_=;;;

Now that I've moved with everything pilled around within reach, I've started browsing through some old books again. Ahhhh... The temptation to read so many things all over again.

A few other recent stuff... I've quite a lot of photos lying around yet to be retouched. I'm thinking it's time I upgrade my 9x12 intuos 1 to a smaller and newer wacom so it's more portable. This one's just impossible to carry around if I want to work outside.

Back to DI. Rong I'm so sorry for having neglected your stuff, hope I'll finish the newer images these 2 days. ;_;

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Alright, I admit that I'd been spending time on Guilty Gear XX Accent Core and Dirge of Cerberus. It was just sort of irresistible when I saw them on the shelves, after not playing games for a while now, just listening to GGXX's bgm makes my heart race. Hmm. I kinda regret not buying Zone of the Enders II when I saw it the last time.

Ahhh i don't really care about how bad the reviews for Dirge of Cerberus were, Vincent Valentine's just so fcking gorgeous, it's a rather simple game, but still I like how there is progression and a good amount of cutscenes. Maybe the disappointment with FF12 still lingers. Although, to admit, initially, the impulse to get the game came upon seeing the trailer's credit ending with a long pulse on Gackt.

I wanna see SKIN, youtube is not enough. The guys may be getting old, but they were such inspiration to me. Yoshiki's needless to say, but Soundtrack (the movie starring Sugizo) had always had a huge impact on me. Even though I didn't understand Japanese, later on, I still bought the DVD and rewatched it a few times. There's this strange air about Sugizo that I really loved and it came from watching the movie instead of Luna Sea.

Today we had a morning workshop for the SEA Games contingent, dozed off a couple times, but even in my sleep, I think I caught on the words.

It made me think about something that I might have overlooked and left behind because of the pain from back then. It may be regrettable, which I'd so hate to admit since I try my best not to make decisions I'll regret later on for such major things; even though there wasn't so much any choices to begin with, but perhaps, deep in my heart, somewhere, it's possible that a part of me made the decision.

Back then it wasn't I who was weaker, the selection was just manipulated, as they still are now. But perhaps now that I've withdrawn myself from rifle more, I can look at the picture clearer, and feel oblivious to the pain.

After all, it has all became permanent. 5 long years, nothing of it will fade away. I can only try to move on, so nothing will repeat itself. I've no interest in opening or deepening my wounds with a knife.

Anyway... To make it up. I will be shooting and DIing like a mad person from tomorrow onward.