Monday, October 15, 2007

My body feels abused. I had prone for the first 2 days until I feel so much tension pulled by the leather sling I can feel a dent in one of the bones in my left wrist, I'm thinking it will become permanent. So much pain. Had a good deal of standing this morning too, I can feel the rifle grinding my elbow into my body. Argh~~ Whoever invented the 3positions is definitely self-abusive.

Shopped at Platinum mall yesterday, stores started shutting down before I could finish the 2nd floor. -_- Ah well. It kinda sucks because most don't allow trying on, and my size is just too big to fit most clothes so it's really hard to tell without trying. Boo.

Found a Korean restaurant near the range with a nice baduk set. Too bad no one can play with me. The sound of stones is so beautiful. Maybe when I'm done with school I'll have some time to pick it up again.


LJY said...

[/end-over-excitement] xD

Yuh I suppose that was quite random.

Anyway, hopefully you're rested and recovered now. It sounds far too exhausting and painful to endure for long. o_O;

jingna said...

hahah a sweat. i can't wait to see stardust. =3

vivinefertari said...

Well at least it's over (((:
I hope the dent isn't permanent ^^.

jingna said...

its still there!!! *dies*