Sunday, October 28, 2007

The movie's brilliant, what can I say. To the point I was grinning from ear to ear when leaving the cinema feeling like the happiest person on earth.

OF course, aside from the fact that I thought the poster was mildly disappointing, Neil Gaiman is a complete genius, and I'd probably die to shoot for one of his works one day (if they get made into films again), the pacing's great, the cast was good, the sets are so photoshootable, the scores unbelievably loving. No fault really. (It's also possible that I'm just overwhelmed because it's Neil Gaiman, then again, my best friend agreed the movie was good, he's generally a person who usually says good things are only alright)

It's a really short entry, I know I haven't updated much but there, this deserves an entry on it's own. <3


LJY said...

Daaaaah! A few more days of school! :( I can't watch it until Deepavali holiday starts.

jingna said...

Oh poor you. :P

chen xi said...

i wanna watch it too..

hope they still have it on the 12th...

LJY said...

You sound like you're mocking me! ;_;
Hmph. Gimme a week or so and I'll know exactly what you were talking about up there. >:-D
I just bought new Gaiman books. >w<
Good Omens and Sandman's Book of Dreams. xD (Haven't actually read all his books yet)

Nancy said...

I liked the movie too. I went to see it some weeks ago with friends, and it really was a lot more than I expected. I haven't read this particular novel by Gaiman, but I was told to expect a movie that was very self-explanatory, wrapped up all its loose ends, and flowed well. I was very impressed to see that that particular comment about the movie was right. I want to watch it again, when it comes out on DVD.