Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A lot of drama today. But I'm so very inspired by all these things.

Attended Broncolor's seminar today too, the light's quality is really amazing... it was unreal.

By the way, here's my little travel schedule, in case you're trying to catch me:

27th Nov - 5 Dec - SEA Games Bangkok
15 Dec - EOY - I'll be selling Kuang Hong's prints as well as mine.
16 Dec - ComicFiesta - Kuala Lumpur, same as above.
17 - 31th Dec - Beijing


LJY said...

You wouldn't have a photobook by then though.. would you? xD *over-hopeful*
Lovely new prints.

jingna said...

Yes I'd be there for CF! So terribly sorry about the photobook because I'd been so busy. T_T Expect some prints, though. :)

dean hayashi said...

hey the CF is going on for two days in Times Square right? looking forward to see you. I'd love to have a talk with you, if you don't mind that is. Doing my final project and it'd be great to get some tips and feedback from you. xD

Julina rashid said...

Awesome i will be in KL for the CF as well. Can't wait to see you there.