Sunday, November 4, 2007

So I've gotten my Associateship for Master Photographers Association's grading today. I was told by the judges that I'm the youngest in the organization worldwide *_* (they have about 2000 members, in which about 350 are associates and 250 are fellowships).

Well, I'm done with school. Maybe you can make it a temporary withdrawal that becomes permanent, say like, Hyung Tae Kim? XD

Anyway, out of boredom a few nights ago, I made a friend get blogger too~ check it out here: nd chow

I even made his banner lor, DI work inclusive. *coughs* though it's colours only *cough* lalala~

but then again, it's a pretty picture, so it's okay. he's a really good photographer in japan, so do check out his site too. he's singaporean <3


kerf said...


Congratulations on your Associateship !

At last you get some proper recognition for your talent.

haha i am sooo excited for you ;pp

hey! said...

congradz on your associateship!!! :] your photos are awesome. i especially LOVE the portrait of your sis, good job!

ade said...

congrats darl... though don't really know the society... sounds like a high form of recognition... happy for u... -hug- youngest worldwide... wow... talk about major cool...

Daniel said...

Congrats, you do deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats jingna~~~ gongxi gongxi gongxi ni!

kerf said...

hey Jingna, i think you should take part in the Singapore Young Photographer Award Competition

and win S$5,000 and a mentorship programme with a veteran photographer ,not that u need the mentorship ;p