Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Singapore, our home. <3


Monday, July 30, 2007

on deviantART. i haven't quite come around to feel the numbers sinking in yet. i didn't want to make an entry on dA about it.

thank you all who have been supporting me all this time, you probably don't know how much it means to me, but really, it means so so much.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Productive day. 3 models! I'm glad the migraine's gone when I woke up in the morning or I'd probably have died.

Today we looked at photos of new girls and there's one that I'd really want to shoot with... it's unlikely to happen though. Oh~ her beautiful everything... then again it'd be a waste to use her for anything else (if I were shooting) other than my Fairytales which I haven't had any new plans made yet. */me daydreams about the photo she saw*

August is going to be an exciting month, a lot of things are happening at the same time, it almost scares me. On another note, this is probably a little late. I received a gift from a stranger recently. I can't believe how much it cheered me up. Thank you so much.

Today a friend related a recent accident he had with his girlfriend which involved him suffering a 40cm cut across his back from attempting to grab a swiss knife out of her hands. As much as it was just an accident... I'm kind of disturbed by the mentality of the girl. I wish people wouldn't mention suicides so often, we only get to remember till our last breath of this lifetime, cherish it.

I think I'm blabbering again like I always do at this hour. I shall go to bed before the too-many-late-nights streak start getting on. I don't wanna gain any more weight by staying up than the amount I've already been putting on.

i hate migraines.

Friday, July 20, 2007

don't you hate migraines?

this is simply the worst time to be falling ill.




Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I love it.

And you know what? That's the reason why it was only today that I realized it actually filters my emails into the spam folder (which sort of never happened last time, that's why I stopped checking).

I was waiting for someone's email in the morning, she sent me 3 times and I never received any for hours, slightly annoyed I decided to check the spam folder... Her emails weren't there but going through 600+ spams actually had me fishing out 7-8emails from early june to early july. Any emails from earlier than that probably disappeared...~ and and, they were all from other gmail users!


Monday, July 16, 2007

Thanks all who dropped by yesterday during Cosfest~! Sorry I looked so horrible I woke up late D:

Was reading up a little here and there just for inspiration... And know what, Kenzo's A/W collection for women is so damned amazing I wanna own every single piece. GAHHHH. (alright, I admit, the music REALLY does it for me).


*returns to drooling over the pieces and refuses to proceed to work*

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm not nervous, just tired. T_T

Something beautiful.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ahh today was wonderful, I'm so touched, I actually have fans. *_*

Hehehe thanks so much people for the support~

The last time I had been asked to autograph was in Korea like 2-3 years back. *sniffs* I can't wait for next Sunday. IT'S NOT GOING TO BE SO HOT ANYMOREEEE. XD

Peixuan was such a darling to have stood by and with me for the whole evening, thank you! We didn't take any photos for ourselves... this is the tired me after a whole day of rushing and work. I REALLY spent a lot of time on the hair even though you probably can't tell from here.

And my sister is really cute today (yes we're at home she actually stayed up just to see me):

And this shot looks better than mine because I took it! Hahaha kidding, mum took my lovely shot. She's so supportive, I love you. n_n

Short entry, I had a long day. I'm training more and loving it. I just hope I can have a good photoshoot again soon.

Some of the prints actually sold out, I may be running to the printers again next week (namecards too, more than half were gone!), so if you wanna get something that you didn't see today from my gallery feel free to order what you want and I'll add the print in when I go to the printers!

Once again, those who made the point to get something and made me feel appreciated, thank you so much. *hugs*

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Proofs for some of the newer/reprinting ones. On the bottom right's our namecards :D:D:D

I'd been meaning to do new ones for a loooong time but never got to doing them because I'd been lazy. Tuesday was so productive I actually just put both together in one afternoon XD

It's been a productive week... just that there'd been no photography. Feeling abit drained.

I was really upset with my students, not because they didn't do well, but the fact that they did not come for training on the day before the competition just because their teacher in charge instructed so. It's impossible to train up a good team in such a type of environment. I really wish these teachers can be more corporative. Blah~

An old, almost non-existant godsis from China rang me up today (she messed up, actually, she was looking for my mum haa). She took home a gold and silver medal from the Olympics in 2000. I'd never forgotten, these things that inspired but at the same time made me inferior. I'm feeling inspired again. <3

Busy busy like a bee. Prints, books and other stuff I'm selling.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Training, teaching, shooting, meeting clients, i barely even left enough time to do my own things. Yesterday the organizers had a meeting with the cosplayers and booth owners for Cosfest, it just so happened that when we settled down at the meeting area I sat in at the table the organizers decided to sit. I went first... being short on time and ultra useless when it comes to naming, they decided to name my booth for me and called it the Number One Booth. Like, I'm kinda like... utterly speechless. Anyway you can find me, this Saturday, 4-9pm at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. The booth is, as it says, the booth no.1. =_=;...

I'm quite upset with myself for going on another day without playing weiqi. Arghhhh. I have to make time for this!

Here're some newer pieces I'm planning to print for this Sat. Just a few, you'll see more unreleased ones if you come down. So be there to say hi XD

Pricing wise should be about $6 for A4 and $12 for A3 all cold lamination and borderless, pretty much some of the more well received ones you can find here and here. If you'd like to order a specific print please let me know (my email is zemotion@gmail.com) I might be running to the printers again after tomorrow if I finish preparing some newer works so I can slot in yours if I didn't print it. I also do A2 and A1 prints with matte lamination (or glossy if you want, but I like matt), by order only.

This is starting to sound like shameless advertising. But anyway here are some other I have for sale. Long ago when I had the chance I either bought them for friends or to sell on ebay, but I'm so lazy now I'll just sell off when it's the most convenient. Email me what you're eyeing XD

HIDE's 無言激. (one of the best from those days aside from Luna Sea's ZOE, this is, of course, entirely my personal opinion. but then again, how can you not love him)
Nightmare's photobook, 1 opened, 1 mint.

and more miyavi
malice mizer's merveilles first press. need I say more?

wah that was... =_=

I honestly don't have the energy to go through everything and take photos... There is the stack of Alchemy Gothic stock (mostly pendants and chokers) as well, most of the nicer designs (trust my taste? XD). Again my email is zemotion@gmail.com if you want to reserve or check anything regarding the prints, books, cd or accessories. I try to keep check of those who have already reserved something, doesn't hurt to just send me another email ok? :D