Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yoshiki-sama, how can you do this. I feel like I just got stabbed in the heart and had my childhood dream shattered.

How can the tickets for 2 nights of shows in Tokyo Dome be sold out in to Yoshiki's fanclub ALONE!?!!

100000 orders via Yoshiki Mobile alone within a few hours. *stabs self* I couldn't have had a chance at all.

It's just not the same if I wait for their Asia tour... It's just not the same if it's not Tokyo Dome.

This is... this is... torture~~~~! T_T

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't want to live anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Well I won't really kill myself, but I really really really want to see X.

The last week

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Monday was as Monday was as I'd mentioned... Work filled the day. Evenings were the only time I had a chance to do anything, but barely.

Over dinner on Tuesday I met a true closet otaku. The fiance of a friend's friend. The mention of Macross F and Gundam 00 started it all, somewhere when the appetizers were coming in.

Then for the rest of the dinner it was all about anime and manga between the 3 guys and myself, and the fiancee was completely lost (i tried explaining the story of blade of the immortal). We talked about things from... the 80s to now, gundam, macross, mospeada, lain, record of lodoss war, cyber formula, eva, escaflowne, berserk, blade of the immortal, deathnote, hikaru no go, kenshin, dragon ball, 孔雀王, bleach, 5 star stories, nana, tomb of the firefly, steamboy, vampire hunter d, sailor moon... like... I mean... as many titles as you could have squeezed into a dinner.

And then I suddenly feel like watching a lot of things. Wahahahah~

Wednesday evening I went for air rifle training. I hadn't touched my gun since the Sea Games in Bangkok, with all the traveling and so on. My clothes actually had mould on them. -_- So anyway I just wore jeans and stuff with the shooting jacket for that day, and man I sure did gain a lot of weight in the past 2 months.

Thursday passed in a slur with me trying to survive The periodical suffering (ie period cramps). The first of my 2-days-of-definite-pain. Went to the launch of the Pure. Keppel Bay is freaking gorgeous now I tell you.
It doesn't even look like Singapore. Just agree with me haha.

Friday evening I trained again.

Monthly shoot in the morning today, didn't do very well but it was within what I estimated. Got home about 4 after team meeting... and slept till 7.

I don't think I can last very long without doing a proper photoshoot and not go crazy. We'll see what happens.

and then as i prepared to head to sleep at 12.30, something overcame me and i watched gundam00 ep1. omg why do i feel like the designs are just really not as cool as gw? and i can't stand the bad sense of dressing, or maybe just the way they tone the bodies.

i'm so biased hahaha. and there aren't anyone i like anymore except for miki shinichirou, whatever happened to takehito koyasu. it's 2.43am now, and i said i was gonna sleep early lol. bleh.

First day of work

Monday, January 21, 2008

...accidents happen.

5 inch long of raw flesh and peeling skin. I'll spare you the photo.

Very unglam. I know, I know.

Hahahahaa. It's right above my right foot up through the ankle area. I'm really more amused at myself than anything else.

Been listening to L'arc en Ciel's Kiss. I didn't really like album at first, but it's starting to grow on me. It's the 2nd inspiration album after Within Temptation's in the period of the last 2 years or so for me. Yay. =3

I dropped by IFS yesterday and the place expanded again. After my scheduled meeting I went down to the studio floor, meisan and skan were there~ Meisan is soooo cute. When she found out who I was she just stared at me for a while, then held both my hands and started repeating the word zemotion.

Wahaha yes yes, feed my ego~~~

Anyway, I shall embark on my attempt to sleep before 12am every day, less internet and time to do DI I guess. Boohoo. (although it's like, 1+ now)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Caught the flu that's been going around. Perhaps it came from the lack of sufficient sleep.

This is really bad, I hate it most when my throat has to hurt. And right before I'm going to start work. Arghhh.

Before the Storm.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Done yesterday. Shot on a H2D. The file came up to be 1gb or so, 10000+ pixels wide. Just saving takes 5 odd minutes. Gah~ I need a good and fast desktop.

A cropped version:
Been working my ass off on all things other than photography, resulting in bad migraines from stressing out due to not working on photos because I feel like I'll get rusty if I don't do something.

I'm not sure whether I should be happy or sad, 17GB of my bandwidth is gone and it's only the 11th of this month. I have like, 3GB left? I mean, it's really not what I'd expect as my whole subdomain (where 15GB of this traffic has disappeared to) is less than 13MB???

I don't want to totally disable hotlinking but please please try to refrain from hotlinking a dozen images. If you can it's best to just use photobucket or something those services are free and convenient... This will get really costly for me if it overruns and it will be. T_T

Will someone please tell me where this traffic is coming from. Oh man. Gahhh. *bangs head on wall*

Anyway I'd been playing go on facebook, it's highly amusing and I think the bot's stronger than those that used to be around on KGS. Then again maybe these things get updated and much smarter. =\

Oh yeah before I forget, I'm starting work on the 21st this month. Wahahaha. Please let me have a lot of photoshoots before that.

random recent stuff

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

So yay for the new year. Gives me a reason to do a little shopping, and have some things in the mail. Hahaha.

The 3 books: Fantasy Art Now, Spectrum 14 and Exotique 3 are for noah-kh since his works are featured, they arrived before I left for Beijing, but I had no time to open them. I'm looking forward to opening Spectrum 14~

A couple h.Naoto items from someone. Yes I'm crazy about h.Naoto. When I start working more I'd probably raid the whole store if I go to Tokyo again.

The CD came from GPK, or known as GPKISM for his band with guitarist Kiwamu from Blood. (I think it's a little mean to say that it reminds me of Moi dix Mois, I just think comparison in general hurt people's egos haha. Though I did like MDM and I'd say I like GPK's voice better.)

2 Tops I bought from Mango's sale today~ And the CD, letter and Exotique 3 opened, hmm. Not a big fan. Idea Design Photos sent me 3 copies of the issue that featured my works. 12 pages~
Most of these shots can be found on my website. I'll try to find time and take some clear pics or scans of the interview. ^^