Before the Storm.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Done yesterday. Shot on a H2D. The file came up to be 1gb or so, 10000+ pixels wide. Just saving takes 5 odd minutes. Gah~ I need a good and fast desktop.

A cropped version:
Been working my ass off on all things other than photography, resulting in bad migraines from stressing out due to not working on photos because I feel like I'll get rusty if I don't do something.

I'm not sure whether I should be happy or sad, 17GB of my bandwidth is gone and it's only the 11th of this month. I have like, 3GB left? I mean, it's really not what I'd expect as my whole subdomain (where 15GB of this traffic has disappeared to) is less than 13MB???

I don't want to totally disable hotlinking but please please try to refrain from hotlinking a dozen images. If you can it's best to just use photobucket or something those services are free and convenient... This will get really costly for me if it overruns and it will be. T_T

Will someone please tell me where this traffic is coming from. Oh man. Gahhh. *bangs head on wall*

Anyway I'd been playing go on facebook, it's highly amusing and I think the bot's stronger than those that used to be around on KGS. Then again maybe these things get updated and much smarter. =\

Oh yeah before I forget, I'm starting work on the 21st this month. Wahahaha. Please let me have a lot of photoshoots before that.


Joe Goh said...

Wawaweewaa!!! H2D!!!

You're right, you do need a faster desktop with a really fast hard drive to be able to handle such large images. Time to buy Buy BUY! :-)

Anyhoo, i'm using to track referrals, traffic stats, etc etc. Works like a charm, beautiful interface and affordable.

Wet said...

It's not real human traffic you're getting. It's referrer spam. It's nasty... they have bots accessing your domain 50 times a minute and loading your images every time. Do the math to figure out how many gb of bandwidth can be sucked up everyday. Go and check your server log, in the referrer section. You'll see all their 'referred froms' to be casino and viagra sites. Very nasty. We can't do anything much except keep graphics on the main index page to minimum to avoid unecessary bandwidth leakage.

jingna said...

joe: not mine lah. hahahaha.

wet: well, apparently it's real traffic they're all random and normal. lol. sigh

LJY said...

1 Gig for a photo?!?!?!?!!
Oh but the quality and details.. <3

Good luck with the hotlinking and bandwidth issues. ;_; *throws confetti for increased viewing anyway* Be happy!!

What's.. playing go on facebook? ;S hahaha I literally sat there for about half a minute wondering if you meant you've been going on facebook a lot or if you meant you're playing a game called 'go' on facebook.

GOOD LUCK WITH WORK! Wait, what work? As what? Huhrrh? :o And photoshoot galore!
About the comment on the previous post, prints are nice, but nothing compares to the overwhelming..ness of flipping a book with brilliant print after print. ;) That, and I just have a slight obsession with photobooks.

Jay McLaughlin said...

Awesome!!! I want to have a play with medium format!

I love your lighting technique! What do you use?

Wet said...

Welcome to the working class! Hope you still retain some semblance of a life... we try to.

jingna said...

ljy: yes yes. the details are so gorgeous. XD

playing go on facebook means what it means, playing the game go. igo desu. =3

i'm starting work in a local agency/production house... well we'll see how things go. i do have an obsession with photobooks too, if my house ever gets burned i think i have more in value of these old books and LE CDs than in my bank. =_=

i'll see what i can do~ i really do hope to put out a book as well ;_;

jay: i use a mixture of some different lights depending on my shoot. this one was a profoto beauty dish and 4 bowens.

wet: if i can't i'd quit, worry not. :D

a little no body said...

can i have a bigger version of that to use on my laptop? pretty please? :D

it's absolut-***kingly breathtakingly gorgeous lah.

Daria said...

AARGH lovely stuff!!!

Hope your throat gets better!!

And about facebook... it's addictive. My friends made me get it a few months ago and I was like "yeah I can do it, it's under control blahblah". Now I know what heroin addicts said before their first shot hahaha.
All your friends will stop sending postcards, writing emails but will start FACEBOOKING instead! Haha, so be warned :p

parasane said...

O.O Wow, beautiful shots <3

Facebook is so addicting >.<


Christopher said...

It takes my breathe away this is one of most beautiful portrait I've ever seen so far in my life, your so talented!

Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita said...

They're lovely!
How did you get the background?