Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Caught the flu that's been going around. Perhaps it came from the lack of sufficient sleep.

This is really bad, I hate it most when my throat has to hurt. And right before I'm going to start work. Arghhh.


Wet said...

must drink lots of water
i'm sick too

Esthaenie said...

Sleep earlier and drink lots of water like what wet said. Hope you get well soon.

jingna said...

thank you thank you~~ T_T

Wet said...

do you live in serangoon
must be careful of chickenguniang

parasane said...

Oh, that's sucks!

Get better soon!


LJY said...

Gyaaah get better! Stress making your immune system weak maybe. :P
Ohh did you add a second Before the storm photo in the post below? I don't remember seeing it the first time but maybe it just didn't load on my browser. xD That one is gorgeous too. The details are unreal!

Hahah!! Photobooks galore. ;) They're value for money! I mean... money is only as useful as the happiness it can bring you so... screw the bank account. :P
I just love flipping through them, pages and pages and pages of beauties. I haven't really started a collection yet though, ;_; I'm scared once I do I won't know how to stop then I'll be broke even before I start earning money. xD

About your photobook, yesyes. ;_; If there's anything at all I can do to help with it, ...well not just about the photobook, but anything else too like if you come down here again, don't hesitate to email!! ...And I'll try to be of use. xD

Good luck with work!

Wet said...

how was first day of work

Nubian Greene said...

*ahem* you..are awsome...