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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

So yay for the new year. Gives me a reason to do a little shopping, and have some things in the mail. Hahaha.

The 3 books: Fantasy Art Now, Spectrum 14 and Exotique 3 are for noah-kh since his works are featured, they arrived before I left for Beijing, but I had no time to open them. I'm looking forward to opening Spectrum 14~

A couple h.Naoto items from someone. Yes I'm crazy about h.Naoto. When I start working more I'd probably raid the whole store if I go to Tokyo again.

The CD came from GPK, or known as GPKISM for his band with guitarist Kiwamu from Blood. (I think it's a little mean to say that it reminds me of Moi dix Mois, I just think comparison in general hurt people's egos haha. Though I did like MDM and I'd say I like GPK's voice better.)

2 Tops I bought from Mango's sale today~ And the CD, letter and Exotique 3 opened, hmm. Not a big fan. Idea Design Photos sent me 3 copies of the issue that featured my works. 12 pages~
Most of these shots can be found on my website. I'll try to find time and take some clear pics or scans of the interview. ^^


LJY said...

I want that issue of Idea Design Photos. 0_0

Happy new yearrrrr!

Li Ann said...

your photos got featured??!!!! can i get one copy pleeeasseeee
i need tear sheets for makeup !!! :D:D

Martian Powers said...

I seen yr pics in Mens folio and now in this magazine
Just out of curiosity, how did you get the magazine to feature yr pics?
did they approach you? or did you approach them like yr pics in Mens folio.


jingna said...

ljy: why? you already have so many prints o_o;;

martian powers: they approached me.

Macy Phoo said...

omg, i like that black t shirtt!! OwO