Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's day~ This is pure moitie love you see, these iron gates cost a bomb, and we all love them.

I also realize it's the 15th in SG time, but what the heck~ XDDD

Been asked to give a talk about my sporting career at TJC. It was so funny I totally didn't know how to say no.

Shot today, spent most of the time sitting on the edge of a scaffolding, fearing i'd either fall off or drop the digital back. I'm probably more afraid of the latter.

So so tired. Shooting again later. Will go see a dentist on Saturday. I'm somehow falling very very ill everywhere after I started work. Gah.

Ah back to my pictures, so many deadlines. ;_;


mun-chairudo said...

Yay, happy valentine's day to you!
I hope you'll be able to rest a little, listen to lots of music and relax xD

oh well i really like the red background and the bright emotions which seem to come right out of the picture - yup this is a nice shoot.

Joe Goh said...

You totally should do a talk at TJC about the virtues of dropping out to pursue your passions. ;-) Seriously though, I quite admire your courage and audacity to look at yourself and really decide what you want to do in life and then do something about it. This is something that I always felt is severely lacking in most Singaporeans these days, especially when compared to our forefathers.

Perhaps draw inspiration from this for your talk? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1R-jKKp3NA

jingna said...

mun-chairudo: thank you! :D

joe: Wahahahahhaaha virtues? I think it wouldn't be virtues to parents to do such a thing. :P

It's actually more to inspire the sports, rather than general life-goals, since it's to help promote the Youth Olympics. I'll look at the vid when I get home. XD

Joe Goh said...

I guess it depends on the parent. :-)

If I ever were to become a parent, i'll be very proud if my child managed to realise see where his/her passions lie and actively chased after them instead of waiting for it to come to them. We're living in times of abundance and stability, and its such a shame that this isn't taken advantage of by more (or perhaps its because of this abundance/stability that caused so many to just jog on the spot).

Tom & June said...

Hello! I found you on flickr today. Your works are incredible! I so wish to make art works like these!
I'm Chinese, living in the UK right now. My flickr name is PandaJ (I have added you today :))
I will look forward to all your upcoming works!
By the way 新年快乐,恭喜发财!:)

CK Wong said...

Hi Jingna, I just curious to ask... "TJC" stand for?

Be deeply appreciate for your feedback.