Monday, February 4, 2008

Flood of Rain is my new obsession.

Peixuan was speechless when she heard Submerge at my place, Ken sounds so much like Gackt (super fan, I bet she watched all the Hey Hey Hey shows he was in) it isn't even funny.

The lack of shooting (photos) has finally hit me. I actually had a dream about shooting with Sinsong, we'd been talking about shooting together again since forever but it just didn't have time to happen. Gah this will not go on.


mun-chairudo said...

Oh yeah~ flood of rain is really great - just the sort of music I love and find adorable... thank you for the link .. ahh... wonderful x)

Wet said...

Happy CNY Z!

jingna said...

mun-chairudo: Hehee welcome~ I'm glad someone else likes their songs too!

wet: Happy cny!! Thanks for dropping by :D

mun-chairudo said...

Oh well, I like 'Submerge' the most!

I LOVE classical instruments and metal or rock elements combined in one song..

jingna said...

Oh yes, I love submerge the most too. XDDD the chorus wouldn't get out of my head somehow lol.

mun-chairudo said...

yes but since the song is loved, that's great, yeh~?
oh i love the piano parts and the vocals... the atmosphere in that song is... heavy.. dark.. wet. make me think of the sudden rain-attacks in southeast asia... yup ._.v