Idea Design Photos Magazine Interivew Jan/Feb 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

And the interview scans I'd promised from a while ago. I spoke briefly about inspirations, what I use, directing models and forming styles. Sorry it's in traditional Chinese, the interview was actually done in English, and they had to translate it. But I won't be posting my original as I think my answers were too informal and different sounding from these. ^^;

idea PHOTOS 意念影像志


drewscape said...

impressive and sleek work. Don't know much about photography and touch ups but the close up of the chinese girl's face is stunning.

Esthaenie said...

which magazine is that? I wanna get myself one!!

tooweesha said...

Oooh! They also interviewed me recently. I think it's coming out in May or something. Haha, I was like... I'm so not worthy! Jingna got featured last Jan/Feb and she's like 100x more awesome than me. Hee. Hope you're doing well, dear! :D *huuug* -slumberdoll