Monday, February 18, 2008

Last night I dreamt I was being chased by my editor for a comics anthology I'd started working on since August, and have zero page done so far.

He actually came to personally look for me. I so didn't want to open my door. *weeps* Without a choice I had to explain that I wanted to scrap the initial storyboard/photoshoot and wanted to do a 2page concept story, and then I showed him the shots from "of the Night" (which was indeed my 2nd attempt shoot for the anthology, but I later decided wasn't good enough for the submission).

I was (and am) so guilty. T_T

Once again weekend was spent completely on work, trying to do retouching for the photos due this week. Ah ah~ I think I overdid it, and to top it off with the amount of sleep I'd been losing over staying up to check on the X Japan ticketing information... I'm finally officially so unwell that I can't get out of bed.

Final details are not confirmed, but I should be heading to Tokyo at the end of march to mid-late April. Since I'm already spending a bomb on the whole thing, I might as well stay longer to organize a few shoots.

If there is anyone in Tokyo, or who is going to the concert and wanna hang out, feel free to drop me a note. ^^

For a while I'd been having enquiries for me to hold a workshop, I promise I am considering doing a small and manageable one this year.

Here's also a warm welcome to my blog's new readers~ *showers confetti* Please don't be shy and feel free to comment and leave your footsteps all over the pages.

I also had a dream about myself being very curious about what kind of students check my blog from MIT and Oxford. XDDDD


P said...

hum.. going to Japan and not even telling me about it.. -____-



Zhang Jingna said...

Ohhh sorry PA, like I said, it's not confirmed yet. I'm waiting for the most important confirmation. :P

Will you be there? I would love to visit the ki-in this time round... Although I don't think I can play. Hahaha.

drewscape said...

the sonny's comic anthology??

Zhang Jingna said...

Oh hello andrew! what a surprise visit. XP

yes Sonny's anthology, are you in it too? I had a storyboard, did the photoshoot, then I got tired of it, tried doing something else, and it totally turned out unusable. I can't face him. HAhahahaa XD

drewscape said...
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drewscape said...

yes thanks for your comment on wibblewibble. I'm in the anthology too. all done. But can't say it's my best work. photoshoot? i thot it was an illustration comic anthology. in any case. deadline is end this year. lotsa time.

Zhang Jingna said...

ahhh yes it is~ i was going to do treatment over it. sort of photo comic-ish? definitely not too mckean haha. but i just feel i can't pull it off without finding a illustrator who could possibly collaborate with. ah well *sighs*

i remember the deadline's may. T_T

david santos said...

Hello, Zhang!
Thanks for your posting and have a good week

alice said...

ooh, jingna photo comic? sounds awesome!

Akane said...

hey i happen to have 4 spare S tickets for the x japan reunion concert. do u know of anyone who might be interested?

Lena said...

*shy reader*


*runs naked*