Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kagetsuki and Dawn.

Yes we know it's blasphemous to have mud on Moitie shoes. But gotta do what we gotta do for photos.

And yes, carried the furniture there. Definitely gained enough bruises and cuts to pain ourselves with for the next couple days.

And yes, I forgot to take photos of our suffering.

But it's okay. It's all over now. Till next time. XD

We tried dolling up my sister for the shoot too, pity she's still not tall enough. She can now brag that she's had the chance to wear Moitie at 9 though. Isn't that impressive. Even I haven't had one chance. Then again, I'd probably never ever fit into any of their stuff. Haaaaaaiiiz. I'd stick to my h.Naoto. <3>I am not an otaku.


LJY said...

What? Your sister is only 9?! She looks older in photos!

Yea, I was wondering how you managed to get the furniture there. Thought you had some masculine help probably but I thought wrong. o_o;;; Superpeople again. ;)

Zhang Jingna said...


ok lah we had help carrying it out into the field, but before people came to help us carry it into the field, the 3 of us spent more than an hour trying to get it out of the room it was in, because there were so many other things to move out, and this bloody thing just wouldn't come out because of the dimensions. argh.

i carried it back with my maid (just the 2 of us!) and i would say getting it out of the room was much more painful.

my body's been aching all day today. but yay i survived 2 photoshoots today!

ne-koi said...

Can't imagine the trouble you gals took to move that huge thing!
I love the feel of diminishing sunlight. :)

LJY said...

Hahahaha!! Yea you would have had to turn the heavy furniture 90 degrees to move it out of the door! I hope your models weren't in costume already. :S But oh where did you find such furniture? It sounds like you moved it out of your own house!

And then you carried it back yourself with the maid. -_____- Jingna.. you want to be triply talented is it? Photographer, rifle shooter and now stunt-super woman somemore. :P

*pats* Mine has been too. I slept one hour last night cos I stayed up painting for an art competition. ;_; But 2 photoshoots?! That must have been really exhausting. >>

Auror said...

you're so talented!! I love all your photos.

Faith said...

Moitie at nine.
That's really something.
*assumes old woman stance* In my day,no one had even heard of Moitie. *hacking cough*

Shebreathes said...

awesome photos!!!!! i love the style you have