Tuesday, February 26, 2008

so so so so so so so so tired.

i meant to take a good rest after i quit my job. which i think i forgot to bring up, but now you know. anyway, it was last week. exactly one month. it's becoming a typical zer0 kinda behaviour, kids please do not do this~ hahahaa XD.

then it happened, as i probably expected it to. i felt so detached and rusty i decided i should do some shoots, and suddenly before i realized i've shot too much.

7 models, 4 days = too many photos, totally worn out.

i also found out that i'm not meant to be a mover. my muscles ache like every freaking where. partially from carrying the furniture, partially from using the nikon d3 which is as heavy as a digital back. freaky.

ok, sleep now. pictures later.


mun-chairudo said...

HUH o_o'
y-y-you've quit your job?
Oh x'D

...Probably you're not meant to be a mover, but definitely a photographer!

Did you at least have fun shooting with the d3?
You know what? A few months ago, when I just received my dslr, I recognized after some time, shooting with a camera is almost like shooting with a gun or rather a rifle... or a mixture thereof..
really strange, somehow cool... huh? x'D

Zhang Jingna said...

Hahhaah yeah yeah. XD

Thank you~ D3 wasn't too bad. Just a little too heavy really, I'm not quite used to the LCD screen as well, the colors show out to be totally too dark so it's not that accurate, but it looks fine when I load them into the computer. Ah well I don't plan to switch to Nikon, just borrowing it for a while. XD

LJY said...

You..quit?? o_o;;

But take care m'dear.

mun-chairudo said...

well yeah xD keep it canon *lol*

No really, rather than switching to a Nikon, it should be a hasselblad *laughs* a totally new level.

Sarolta Márton said...

I'm not really a fan of Mikon... I wonder how heavy the d3 is..my canon 30d already feels like a brick and that's not even anything wow.
can't wait to see your new photos, I find your work really inspiring. (and by 'inspiring' I dont mean I'm gonna steal your ideas kinda inspiration...to many people that's what it means i guess :o)
anyway byebye

Zhang Jingna said...

ljy: why so surprised? don't worry, be happy. :D