Tokyo Day20

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Consisted only of X Japan: Night of Creation, because I was so tired I couldn't get out of bed in the morning despite my repeated ringing alarms.

Although it would still be consisting only of that even if I did get up, because I was intending to buy the hoodie. XD It was sold out on the first day by the time I got to the front of the queue. Ah well~ too bad.

But today was epic.

Toshi cried during Forever Love. ;_;

I'll really blog it about tonight's concert tomorrow, whatever I can remember of it.

The chorus of Endless Rain was repeated for at least 15min until Art of Life picked up from where it left off on the first night when Yoshiki collapsed. It was just so overwhelming hearing some 50000 people together. Ahhhh~

And I know I'd said it in the previous entry, but I can't seem to emphasize it enough, Sugizo was so awesome I want to cry.

I'm thinking perhaps I'd come back for the Hide memorial concert.

I could really just extend my stay here since my ticket's open jaw... and I've got a place to stay, but if I don't go back to Singapore I think I'd really end up not working at all, and probably be spending all my savings before I know it.

Ahh ahhhh sleep calls for me, will update tomorrow.

Day18-19: X Japan, 28&29th Mar 2008, Tokyo Dome

Saturday, March 29, 2008

X Japan: Night of Destruction

I didn't want to write an entry yesterday because the concert ended on a note that wasn't extremely pleasant, I got home really late, missing my last train I had to take a cab. Pretty much crashed as soon as I got back.

As many would already know, Yoshiki collapsed into the drumset after a good deal of Art of Life. It's not the full 30min version, probably ended somewhere before he was supposed to go on to the piano.

I reached Tokyo Dome at 2+pm.

At the ticket pick up I saw someone I knew, so I smiled and was about to wave hi when she caught my eyes, glared daggers and then looked away. I probably grew a dozen question marks out of my head but for certain had a feeling that it wasn't going to be a great day.

Long story short, the gig was delayed by 2+hours and started around 8.30pm. I stood for about 6+ hours of waiting in bleak wind, an empty stomach, and a freezing drizzle.

I'm sure enough people have reviewed and talked about the set, so I'd go to the end. I dare say the final collapse wasn't the intention to end the concert. There's a word going around that it's confirmed Art of Life was the last song on the set, but they didn't finish playing.

I was skeptical when one of the model agencies I visited told me that there would be a fashion show at the X Japan concert. I was like, really? He laughed. I turned around and said, right, you were kidding, and I actually believed you. Just because I believe people easily, such jokes are not funny. Then he went on trying to convince me he said the truth, in laughter. How could I believe something like that?

Later on the 27th I received an email from a major fashion magazine's chief editor saying she would be at 28th concert for the h.Naoto show.

I think it's a bit early for April Fool's joke to be cracked by different people at the same time for the same event. Unless they all just wanted to pull my legs only because of how serious I was when explaining the main reason I am in Tokyo this time was for X Japan.

So, when h.Naoto really showed today, I think it's safe to assume that it was supposed to be yesterday, or all 3 days...

It wasn't a terrible night, in fact, after the curtains dropped, Rusty Nail was so epic I could feel it. The abrupt ending just didn't leave a good taste...

X Japan: Night of Madness

My ears are ringing from the aftermath of tonight's concert. It hasn't happened since I stopped jamming years ago.

It almost started on time today. Commendable.

There wasn't any trashing of drums. I'm totally happy about that.

I was seated in the 3rd row in block B-13, I could see the stage. Awesome.

Most songs were the same as yesterday, but it's totally different being able to see Toshi running on the stage as compared to having to look at the screens. A lot more touching being able to see them when Without You was sung.

I was a little sad there wasn't Silent Jealousy today. It holds some memories to me, as much as I am over it.

Someone a few rows behind me in my block was fortunate enough to get Yoshiki's drumstick after it flew over my head, ah well.

The encore was a long deal, probably to make up for yesterday.

h.Naoto any day is a bonus.

After the Violet UK/h.Naoto's opening for encore, it was an extremely long drum solo.

Yoshiki double-paddled nonstop for a very, very long time. Even when he turned around to play the keyboards he was still double-paddling. I feared that he would collapse from exhaustion and fall off the platform, which was raised dozen meters high into the middle of everything in the center of Tokyo Dome.

But he played, and played.

It didn't make sense to me, but it was grand.

At that point of time I realized the impact of it all, the experience from watching a live up close.

Where Yoshiki was, what Yoshiki was, was screaming to be worshipped. I mean it no lesser than the word's exact meaning.

And then there were Tears, World Anthem, and X.

I like Sugizo, I love his presence on stage. (Random note, Heath reminds me so much of the early days of Toshiya diru it's not even funny.) I'm not big on the idea of using western guitarists, whether it's someone I like or not. I just don't like it... It was like tainting something holy, sacrilegious. I didn't habour any negative feelings when the rumours were spreading but suddenly when I saw it unfold before me I was upset before I even realized it.

I have mixed feeling about using Hide's images so much, but I don't wanna debate about it, so let's not.

Both nights, yes, the vocals certainly strained in some songs, but I find Toshi's voice more refined than before.

Yes, Yoshiki wasn't perfect on the piano, but I could feel from his playing. And that is enough for me for the experience.

Really really tired, I'd not been so worn out from photoshoots before, then again I hardly have to do them for consecutive days, and the way I'd been living here's totally taking a toil on my body.

Will probably post some photos after tomorrow's concert.

I know this entry is totally fragmented, but I don't feel like pouring out my feelings about how I felt about each and every song for a review, alas, my talent does not lie in writing. XD

Tokyo Day17: Epic Sakura

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I was really kidding in one of the previous entries when I said I might spend a fortune on something, but... this kimono just had to... appear.

Officially making it the most expensive piece of garment I'd ever spent on.

Kami-sama is smiling upon us. Kagetsuki actually asked for her leave last year Sept to be in Tokyo now, talk about perfect timing. Ingenious, really.

Morning rush, preparations for the photoshoot was a pain in the ass. Doing Kagetsuki's hair took a very long forever, and she was still thinking time ticked on the same zone as Singapore.

Ended up not being able to finish the makeup and hair in time for morning shoot, we walked a little and settled for lunch first.

Not very exciting, but this was the fuel to the epicness okay.

Assistant was Chris, thank you so much.

At some point of time we took the bus and went to Asakusa, their seats are covered in prints can, the whole idea of it is just really cute to me, almost a little comical. Haha.

And Kagetsuki continued influencing me and I ended up buying a Kanzashi that pretty much costs as much as a piece of Naoto. T_T

And and, to round up the epicness:


Pepper lunch for dinner~!!! I can't believe it took me so many weeks before getting the chance to eat my #1 favorite here. Wahaha I'm a glutton and absolutely carnivorous. Hahaha kidding, I just like the diced beef a lot, and it's not like I get to eat it often. /emo

And here I am, back home and blogging this entry, feeling like tomorrow is going to be so unreal.

X Japan, for so many years I'd been wishing, yearning, waiting.


Tokyo Day16: hEAVEN.

Kagetsuki's arrival was in the morning. After lazing around a little in the apartment and online, we decided to go to Harajuku.

The purpose of the visit was her to treat me to Jonathan's and the lovely crepes... but of course not complete without a visit to the shrine of my beloved.

h.Naoto's hEAVEN. Mine, mine, all mine~!!!

There were so many things I wanted I ended up buying nothing, but it was wonderful. *swoons all over*

Beside the entrance.

As much as I like this, I can't decide which one is more ironically funny, hEAVEN's white altar or Moi-même-Moitié's black grave. *gets stabbed* I take it back.

The shop is actually in a basement, I missed it the first time. Really really depressing because I walked right pass it after coming out from a shop next door on the ground level. *sighs*

Ah well, moving on to Laforet.

It wasn't like we had much to do there other than for Arissa to swoon over Hijiri like a super fangirl at Alice and the Pirates... We combed through all the brands again, and, and, and I tried on something. D:

Hidden between a rackful of Atelier Boz and other brands, I chanced upon this... This sin. 32,000yen. Gahhhh.

*is wanting for her birthday*

Headed home annoyed and bothered about how I cannot justify spending US320 on Na+H, we suddenly realized we didn't have tabi to go with my okobo for the shoot so we rushed to the only place I knew that would carry for sure and would still be open.

Then, then, I chanced upon a kimono just as we were paying up. I was like, hmmm I think it's nice.

Hmmm it is nice.

And Arissa started insisting that it was really beautiful which just made me consider it even more. I'd already spent enough on kimonos and this one is omfg so expensive.

So I filled in a reservation form and told the shop owner if I don't return the next day I wouldn't be getting the kimono.

We were more than just a few minutes away from the shop before I turned back for it.

Arissa is bad influence.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Had a shoot with Kozue on Monday.

I like my alice auaa choker so much.

Wait, I think I meant, I freaking love alice auaa to no end.

I know the outside said no photography, sorry, but how can I not take something so gorgeous to commemorate my visit. I almost missed it if not for the mannequin outside beside this wall with the same aforementioned choker on it.

I spent Sunday drowsing in and out of slumber until about 5pm. Reading and falling in and out of my dreams, or nightmares. Who knows.

I had gone to sleep at 12 or 1 the night before, and was still reading on my laptop when I dozed off. Woke up confused about the situation of the configuration of items on the bed. Why's the laptop beside me and open oh thank god it didn't fall off the bed.

I'm starting to like the idea of a bigger bed like this, maybe I'd want a change when I get back.

Walked pass some blocks of cans today. Quite cool huh. I thought they're inspiring. Could see them in an art museum. *muses*

And... the beginning of blooming sakura.
Ahhhhh beautifullll.

Yes no new purchases, I'm almost proud of myself. But that's of course because I'm toying with the idea of blowing all my cash on something grand.

I'm kidding.


Tokyo Day 10-12

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm feeling really too tired to blog... but I have to because, forget h.Naoto, today, I own my first piece of Alice Auaa.

Alice Auaa.

Ok I know no one's excited except for me. But nevermind, I shall recap from before.

Day 10


Shot in the morning. Halfway through doing her makeup Flood of Rain's Dance of Bullets came up and she asked, "Is that Gackt?" I almost laughed and said no. The same thing happened today while doing makeup for Sawaka too. Hahaha.

After the shoot we headed to Shinjuku together, to get some makeup for her, and more naoto for myself.

HN+DIE belt, h.Anarchy top, h.Naoto Blood floor length skirt.

See I said h.Naoto is the reason I live in Tokyo. Lalala~

Looked over some pictures and tried desperately to start replying emails. Prepare for my trip back to Kyoto.

Day 11: Back to Kyoto

For shopping, yes. And only that one purpose. Since it's the last day of my JR pass anyway ahhaa.
Saw on my way out of the train station. I thought it was awesomely cute.

On my way to Toji Temple. :3

Temple grounds~! A looooot of people.

Pretty, serene place if you pretend the crowd wasn't there.

Waiting for my okobo~

And then, and then, i bought a lot of stuff. But they're all in the luggage and I'm too lazy to take pictures. XD
Randomess taken on the Shinkansen on the way back to Tokyo.

The view that greeted me when I came out from the train station near my apartment.

Pretty yes?

Day 12


I was told that she was in Amazing Race Asia 2, but I have no idea because I don't watch TV, I do know however that she's a really nice girl. XD

After the shoot we headed to Shinjuku (sounds familiar huh hahaha), I bought a HN+nois carrier because I brought no bags with me to Tokyo.

Onward to Harajuku.

Bought Siam Shade V from Richards. Purely for "Tears I Cried". The other songs are nice too, of course.

Superduper gorgeous choker from Black Peace Now.

And tie from BPN too~
Moi-même-Moitié Rozenkreuz onepiece for Kagetsuki. This kind of spending is sinful to me.


And... and... and...

My Alice Auaa choker~!!
Close up.

And closer.

See the signature, it's so damn freaking gorgeous.

Of course the leather is super comfy too.



Ahh even though I couldn't afford anything else from Alice Auaa, this is something. *cries*

Went to Laforet after that... somehow h.Naoto's current stuff are just kind of... disappointing. The only ones I liked were 30,000++ yen so I didn't bother trying.

Spent quite a while in BPN, I think it's only today that I truly realize how exquisite some of their stuff are made. Their linings are so well done I could have caressed the seams all day long just to feel the perfection. Ahhhhhh...~~

Okay that's all for now. Has time been passing fast or slow I wonder. I'd been doing more than I usually have (especially shopping wise), I guess it's not that bad. XD


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pardon my unbearable face, just let me zi lian a bit ok. Bought the choker and necklace in Harajuku today. Me love.

The schedules for the day were to begin at 12, I'd meant to do some work in the morning, but only managed to get up around 10. In order to do the little I could before rushing out of the house I missed lunch.

The Artist List of Spectrum 15 is out. Congratulations to those who made it in. :)

After running 2 places I was hit by a terrible migraine, it was really sudden, perhaps I was stressed out, but really at that point of time I should have been happy because the 2nd one went really well. It hurt so bad then I could barely keep a conversation, luckily I was only with my assistant and the next meeting wasn't due in another half hour. The 2nd meeting was in Harajuku, so before we went over I managed to shop for a bit.

I thought this was kind of funny how it said no entry to guys, and I have no idea why.

Essentials. Stuff I figure would come in handy from the 100 yen shop.

The aforementioned choker and necklace again. I can't remember which shop it was. XP

And h.Naoto.

Only this one piece (for today).

Everything here are either too small (clothes) or just way out of what I can pay for. The lovely accessories in Closet Child go from between 10,000 yen for unique nice pieces to 500,000 yen for Vivienne Westwood's collectibles... Soaring prices thanks to Nana, though I know they're already insanely expensive to begin with.

Lunch at an unhealthy 3.30pm Yoshinoya. Not all that bad eh.

3rd meeting was fun. I found out that h.Naoto's fashion show was last week *heart shattered into a million pieces at that point of time* and that Kera Maniax is also an awesome title just like Gothic Lolita Bible. I don't recall coming across Kera Maniax in Singapore. Perhaps I'd been travelling and working and going to Kinokuniya so little they always go out of stock before I see anything...

Kera Maniax, Gothic Lolita Bible Vol28 (the newest!) and The best of GLB from 1998-2008 ^^

And since I was documenting today's stash, figured I should take a picture of this too.

An extremely early birthday gift I was given while in Kyoto, Derek bought it when he was in Venice 2 weeks ago. This is the first birthday gift I'd properly received in years. Thank you.

It's been raining today, my jeans are wet and pendant came apart from its chains. I'm ill and alone, but I am working, and I'm happy.

Day 6-8: Kyoto

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ahhh so. The last 3 days had been... really nice. Despite all the failures with the photoshoots. (It's a long story, but nevermind, hahaa)

Day 6: To Kyoto

Went to Kyoto with my friend Derek and his mum. Breakfast was at some cafe while waiting for our Shinkansen. This is like, 800+yens. I freaking wanted to cry and tell my friend's mum and say nooooo auntie we cannoooooooot eat this. It is siinnn to spend so much (especially since she offered to treat it). Yeah so I'm a cheapo, but such a lifestyle isn't really to be afforded for a 1.5months stay. T_T

In the cab on the way to our hotel. We were pinned for time and were late in meeting my model.

And then after all that rushing, we got to the maiko makeover studio, only to find out that we aren't allowed inside, not even to pick the kimono.

So... Derek and I bought some food and ate by the river sitting under a bridge. Ahhh how touristy. Hahaha.

We walked back to our hotel after the shoot. It gets dark fairly early here in Japan, but Kyoto a little later than Tokyo it seems. Went shopping in the evening, with really really really limited time.

Dinner was awesome(ly expensive). The anago's about the best I'd had. Ahh now I can forget about ever wanting to eat unagi again.

Day 7: Arashiyama

Some mountain a bit of distance away from Kyoto itself... took a train to and a boat back to the train station to see the scenery. Had some really nice shots of random white ume.

Headed back to the hotel in the evening to give me more shopping time.

Dinner was still awesome. :3

Since all the shops closed at 8, Derek and I went walking to Gion after dinner. It was really late already, and we walked really slow. Hahaa. Then we saw 4 geishas and a maiko, their hair were so so so so beautiful I was so moved I was going to cry. There were a couple guys, the paying customer was probably super drunk he allowed this foreigner who was standing around to take photos of the geishas and even offered to take for him lol.

Day 8: Back to Tokyo

Was supposed to shoot with another girl in the morning, but her husband is suddenly in some million yen debt and she'd no idea what to do so she couldn't shoot with us. Scary..~ -_-;;;

We made use of the time to go back shopping for kimonos instead, and managed to get 2 wearable furisodes and 1 obi, 1 cord.

Yay so far so good. I'm just thinking, maybe I'd kind of over-packed myself this month.

I'm not in a mood to go through pictures taken with the digital camera yet, so bear with these iphone pics first. XD