The last week before Tokyo.

Friday, March 7, 2008

A hell of a week. I'm rushing madly everyday. I haven't felt so productive, crazily productive, in a very very long time.

DI into the morning for Sunday and Monday, personal shoot on Tuesday, editorial on Wednesday and Friday, and one more photoshoot later this morning. Collect prints and pack on Sunday. Start on the DI for the editorials' deadlines. Somewhere along the line thanks to PMS I broke down for an evening.

Just finished an interview for international women's week on deviantART (took me 3 freaking hours, but I answered many questions that I intended to answer in my new FAQ so it's good anyway). I'll post it over when it's up and vetted. It's probably a terrible thing to do answering questions at such hours when my brain's half shut-down.

Tokyo's schedules are totally not concrete. I wish I had something like a timetable for it but it failed to conjure and materialize. I just pray that everything will turn out fine without the existence of it, at least for now.

Wonderful days will come. I hope your week had been good, if not I pray that it will become better.

Much love,


_IxIc3Cr3aMxI_ said...

Wow. You seem really busy. Have fun in Tokyo! ^^

Kingsley said...

Have a great time in Tokyo. X Japan should be a blast! :D

mun-chairudo said...

Thank you :)
&again, have a good time!
Try to enjoy yourself to fullest, ne? ^^

sapphire-star87 said...

Have a wonderful time in Tokyo!

I wish you all the best! I'm sure everything will be fine with your photoshoot!!! :D

LJY said...


a little no body said...

you'll have fun and relax a little more in tokyo!! SEE YOU THERE! haha... *hugs!!*
- ling

Faith said...

You have fun in Tokyo,kay?
I'll be going and coming back first. 8D
It's sad you're going the moment I return (I'm returning for production purposes.),but oh well.
I look forward to seeing your Tokyo shoots.
Jingubashi is beautiful,isn't it? (: