Miserable 4

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The unfortunate day that I lose my voice. Just right on the day of my first official meeting in this trip. *upset*

I shall start from the morning again. Yay.

One of the few shots so far that's not from my iphone, view from my apartment 2 mornings ago.

Below I present you something personal.

My gift to Yoshitaka Amano.

Sorry it's blur. XDDDDD

I'm embarrassed, it is so badly written (both my handwriting and the writing itself) that I had to blur it a couple million times. However, I must commemorate my first handwritten message for someone else in a long long time, I even practiced, and come to think of it I feel it sounds very much like a fanmail instead of an artist to artist thing.

Anyway, back to today. Since there was only one meeting, I took the morning out to shop for possible materials for shoots.

On the bridge outside the Nippori station waiting for my assistant who would show me the way.

And we walked and walked and walked and walked and walked.

In the end I only bought 2.5 meters of black pleated organza, anti-climax I know. But the ones of good Japanese prints were way too costly, I also couldn't imagine myself finding enough time to create with them and if I lay them around I'd totally see my heart bleeding.

But really, it's like heaven. If only we had all these fabrics in Singapore, it's really so so inspiring (yes yes, the fabrics). So inspiring that I forgot to take photos being too engrossed looking at everything that we don't have back in sg.

At my last shop I took 2 quick snaps though, it wasn't so hectic and flooded with people, and then I remembered I should take a few shots. The 5th floor of a shop, where they sell stuff for patchwork etc:

It's just love. I wish I could raid everything (in every shop that I fell in love with).

Harmony Square to meet Wacom.

I tried my very very best and the loudest I could muster were weak coarse whispers, I think I did get some lines across. Well hopefully.

*sighs more*

On the way out at the lobby I saw the founder of Madhouse. Hmmm.

Ahhh and I said this was supposed to be a holiday, but turns out I still have deadlines (tomorrow!!!!).

Back to work before it becomes a situation that requires me forgoing sleep.


dante direnç said...

I'm going back tomorrow ><
To embrace my Lysander and to allow our two persons to become one single entity. ((((:
(I shall now add further at the risk of sounding gay,that during one of the awkward silences a little part of my brain was pushing me to start rehearsing Lysander's lines.)
(That would have been fine if we weren't doing the scene where I have to call someone "my love,my life,my soul",which I very much wanted to say,but could not for the sake of my as-of-yet-nonexistent-reputation.)
I didn't go to Suidobashi T-T
Oh well,there's always next year,and next year,and... (Shonen Jump's been around for forty years,the JUMP shop can wait for me ^^)
Good luck with your photoshoots!
I shall be stalk...watching out for them!
And do blog about X Japan! 8D
And get your voice back! ^^
Ganbatte! :3