Tokyo Day 10-12

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm feeling really too tired to blog... but I have to because, forget h.Naoto, today, I own my first piece of Alice Auaa.

Alice Auaa.

Ok I know no one's excited except for me. But nevermind, I shall recap from before.

Day 10


Shot in the morning. Halfway through doing her makeup Flood of Rain's Dance of Bullets came up and she asked, "Is that Gackt?" I almost laughed and said no. The same thing happened today while doing makeup for Sawaka too. Hahaha.

After the shoot we headed to Shinjuku together, to get some makeup for her, and more naoto for myself.

HN+DIE belt, h.Anarchy top, h.Naoto Blood floor length skirt.

See I said h.Naoto is the reason I live in Tokyo. Lalala~

Looked over some pictures and tried desperately to start replying emails. Prepare for my trip back to Kyoto.

Day 11: Back to Kyoto

For shopping, yes. And only that one purpose. Since it's the last day of my JR pass anyway ahhaa.
Saw on my way out of the train station. I thought it was awesomely cute.

On my way to Toji Temple. :3

Temple grounds~! A looooot of people.

Pretty, serene place if you pretend the crowd wasn't there.

Waiting for my okobo~

And then, and then, i bought a lot of stuff. But they're all in the luggage and I'm too lazy to take pictures. XD
Randomess taken on the Shinkansen on the way back to Tokyo.

The view that greeted me when I came out from the train station near my apartment.

Pretty yes?

Day 12


I was told that she was in Amazing Race Asia 2, but I have no idea because I don't watch TV, I do know however that she's a really nice girl. XD

After the shoot we headed to Shinjuku (sounds familiar huh hahaha), I bought a HN+nois carrier because I brought no bags with me to Tokyo.

Onward to Harajuku.

Bought Siam Shade V from Richards. Purely for "Tears I Cried". The other songs are nice too, of course.

Superduper gorgeous choker from Black Peace Now.

And tie from BPN too~
Moi-même-Moitié Rozenkreuz onepiece for Kagetsuki. This kind of spending is sinful to me.


And... and... and...

My Alice Auaa choker~!!
Close up.

And closer.

See the signature, it's so damn freaking gorgeous.

Of course the leather is super comfy too.



Ahh even though I couldn't afford anything else from Alice Auaa, this is something. *cries*

Went to Laforet after that... somehow h.Naoto's current stuff are just kind of... disappointing. The only ones I liked were 30,000++ yen so I didn't bother trying.

Spent quite a while in BPN, I think it's only today that I truly realize how exquisite some of their stuff are made. Their linings are so well done I could have caressed the seams all day long just to feel the perfection. Ahhhhhh...~~

Okay that's all for now. Has time been passing fast or slow I wonder. I'd been doing more than I usually have (especially shopping wise), I guess it's not that bad. XD


LJY said...

Waaah! I'm so envious of you. All the pretty pretty things you bought! I can't even decide which is my favourite. ^^

kieli said...

I had no idea that you were now permanently in Japan O_O I've finally caught up on all of your latest news and I have to echo the sentiment of the previous poster. Soooo jealous! But I think the change suits you. Your work is getting fresher and more bold. Do take care of yourself, though!


dante direnç said...

I love the ANARCHY series TwT
lol you saw the cake shop too. (: has them too. XD
chokers... TwT

deltay said...

Gorgeous new photos <3

Traveling sounds like so much fun, getting to see all those new sights and everything. Lovely new purchases :)

sakura0104 said...

oh I think I did saw Sawaka-san in the amazing race asia. XD My mom and sis was like all over for the jap team haha.

You're staying in Jap for good now? =3

Zhang Jingna said...

Hello all~ No no I'm not permanently in Japan, it's only until 19th April! :)

Omoi said...

I really love that choker.