Wonderful days.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm on the verge of losing my voice but words can't express my feelings right now~

Today we visited... Yoshitaka Amano's home.

[insert fangirl squeal here]

I was so nervous and excited. The place was freaking huge and so mega epic.

The entrance felt like one in an RPG game, where in darkness a door slides open to a spacious, gorgeously decorated hall with no one to greet us... Kind of ominous.

But the place was gorgeous.

I was probably too shy or nervous, or both, that I forgot to take photos of the first floor!!! Which I would die really wanted to shoot in. It was black and red and so large, there were a few of his sculptures and paintings and it looked so... just too awesome.

The 2nd floor was where all his large-scale work were done. 

Loads and loads of different paints, space, and work-in-progress paintings. 

I was still too shy to take photos ._.

Went to the 3rd floor too, his workspace for the regular stuff:

So much papers, everywhere! (even on the floor!)

Can't imagine how much he draws.... *_*

You can also see Tokyo tower from the windows. :3

As we were leaving I found these 2 beside the lift (yup he has a small lift in his place, so cool!! ._.) and jumped right to take photos of them shamelessly. They're my favourites!

It was such an amazing experience, it felt like I levelled up just by being there. *_*

The only regret was that he wasn't in town. *sighs* But I'm sure (hoping!!!) we will meet one day. :3


sapphire-star87 said...

Glad to see that everything is working out for you! :D

I'm so happy that you can go and create your art without any pain and suffering anymore! Yayz!! :D You do totally deserve it, ya know... xD

I wish you luck with your photoshoot! :D

sebastian said...

oh my goodness... what a wonderful opportunity.. How did you ever get a chance to go into his home for photos? was it something for a job or..
im very excited (and for you) reading and looking at these photos. ive only seen his home in pictures and a small video. it must have been amazing

de3 said...
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de3 said...

omg you went to yoshitaka amano's house!

And hi, you prolly don't know me, uh well of course you don't know me at all but I saw you at the Comic Fiesta last year as you were 2 booths away from my group's, the too unit booth. I couldn't believe my eyes it was you as I really love your photographs and you were my inspiration to photography, next to larajade. I was too shy to go over to your booth to buy your prints and to get you to autograph them. *blushes*

Soo yearh... When will you be coming down to sell your prints again?

coz this time I would like to master my shyness. D:

Mr.B said...

u lucky lucky girl *evil grin*