Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 26: more hanami.

It was wonderful despite being even colder than the night before.

My internal trigger for Gundam Wing has not gone bad for even a single degree all these years, the mere mention of it had all my attention directed to the source of the words even though I was thoroughly engaged in a conversation with somebody else.

Found out a moment later the very person who said the words had came to Tokyo from Seattle to see the X Japan concert too. We both agreed that Toshi's voice is more refined than before. He saw Dahlia live 12 years ago. Boo~

Then there was a little otaku talk, just very briefly, GWing, Escaflowne... Hmmm.

Day 27: Anna anna.

I know my superbly expensive Na+H top is gorgeous without me wearing it.

We finished at 12+pm, relatively early by my standard. I'd meant to eat my instant noodles then head to Harajuku but sleep attacked again and once again I'd slept in on Sunday. Ahhh it seems like I'd never get to see Harajuku on a Sunday this trip, even though I have like, 5 weekends here.

Day 28: more shoot~

Shot with Yasmine, a lot of fun, we chatted about all sorta random things. This is probably the shoot with the most amount of talking so far.

Then then, I was shown a photo of 2 girls cosplaying 2 models in one of my shots. I feel so utterly flattered for my models okay.

Anyhow, today was a good day. Because I finally got to go to Harajuku and Shinjuku again. Yay.
Me has white h.Naoto bag nao. *happiness*

Wanted to grab something from the 100yen shop near my place, it closed right in my face. *weeps*

Walked home and along the way I saw a small store that sold some veggie and fruits. I had never been more overjoyed to see fruits in my life okay. The bananas they sell at Lawson near my place are SO expensive and not even always available. I only managed to get them once.

No idea why the sudden craving for fruits, but yay I bought oranges and bananas. A lot of them.

Before I end this entry, I must share this. It's Kurenai by X Japan. :3

To think that, really, I was relatively proud of my 300 combo played during my adventure mode... but I'm sure even if I continued, I wouldn't have been able to get 999.

I know there's another video with like 999 良s but it just doesn't exactly feel very authentic. Hahaha.

I want more Taiko no Tatsujin~ ;_;


OMFG~~~ X Japan, Luna Sea, Dir en grey, D'espairsRay are playing on my birthday~!!! Omg~~~ It's my birthday~!!!!! I want to come back for the concert. hide~~~ T_____T


Sukunami Taka said...

your portrait works are excellent.

Squee said...

I wanna watch the hide memorial show too... but am broke after the trip for X Japan Attacks...
You gotten great seats for the concert too...I was only in the stands even thou I had an S class ticket...T_T

Shinta Yagami said...

My god, Your work is superb, I aspire to reach that quality, hope everything in your life goes smoothly, pardon my grammar, I am a bit rusty.

Be happy, be safe, be healthy

Xia said...

yeah when I saw the news about hide memorial on JaMe and the line-up plus the date of the gig.. I immediately thought.. "Uh.. if only zemotion knew..."

Well then, well then.
As we all know by now.. miracles actually do happen... Who knows? Maybe you'll be able to go...

Great to know you're still having lotsa fun over there +smiles+

LJY said...

I saw the first picture and was like wtfbbq why is she wearing Jingna's top-dress?!


Oh hush it looks very good on you too. More sensuous. >:D