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Friday, April 11, 2008

An index of past editorials.

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> Covers & Editorials

Elle Russia: Beauty, September 2014
Fashion Gone Rogue: Flowers Bloom, June 2014
Elle Vietnam: Elle Best Looks, May 2014

Fashion Gone Rogue: Anouk, Nov 2013
Fashion Gone Rogue: Flowers in December, Oct 2013
Elle Vietnam Beauty Cover & Editorial: Fall-Winter Minimalism, Sept 2013
British Journal of Photography Cover, Sept 2013
FILLER Magazine: Full of Grace, Summer 2013
Factice Magazine: Sunshower, Summer 2013
Schön! Online Exclusive: Glittery, July 2013
Dark Beauty Magazine: Demoure, July 2013
Elle Vietnam: Cover editorial, June 2013
Fashion Gone Rogue: Shades of Midnight, 21 May 2013

Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam: Nu Renaissance Aristocracy, Dec 2012
Vulture Magazine: Concrete, Sept 2012
SingaporeBrides: Song to the Siren, Aug 2012
Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam: Anniversary Cover & Editorial feat. Ngo Thanh Van, July 2012
Elle Vietnam: Maya, May 2012
Elle Singapore: Hit The Road, Feb 2012
Elle Singapore: Touch-me Tresses, Feb 2012
Astonish Magazine, Cover & Editorial, Jan 2012 (US)
Zink: It Blooms In The Night, Jan 2012 (US)

FLARE: Spellbound, Nov 2011 (CA)
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Super Natural, Sept 2011
Fashion Gone Rogue | Exclusive: Portrait of Solitude, 10 Aug 2011
SingaporeBrides.com: Cold Flowers, Aug 2011
Elle Singapore: The Secretary, Jul 2011
FILLER Magazine: The Halo Effect, Vol 2, Jul 2011
La Vergine Eterna by Kenzaburo Oe, Cover, July 2011
FLARE: In Bloom, June 2011
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Call Me Irresistible, Apr 2011
SUGIZO: Half a Stormy Lifetime of a Man Loved by Music, Cover & all concert images, April 2011
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Bazaar Beauty Wellness Report, Feb 2011

Vixen (The Flappers Trilogy) by Jillian Larkin, Cover, Dec 2010
SingaporeBrides.com: 1000 Roses, Dec 2010
Elle Singapore: Swept Away, Dec 2010
SingaporeBrides.com, Dec 2010
Fashion Gone Rogue | Exclusive: Before the Tide Comes, 07 Oct 2010
Fool's Mate: SUGIZO, Oct 2010 (JP)
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Untold Desires, Apr 2010
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Everything is Illuminated, Mar 2010
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Lancôme Advertorial, Feb 2010

Elle Singapore: Night Fever, Nov 2009
SingaporeBrides.com: Paris, F/W 2009
Picture Magazine, Cover, Sept/Oct 2009 (US)
Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol34: Koitsukihime Dolls, Sept/Oct 2009 (JP)
Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol34: Vampire Cafe, Sept/Oct 2009 (JP)
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Strike A Pose, Oct 2009
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Lancôme Advertorial, Sept 2009
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Where the Wild Things Are, Sept 2009
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Summer Crush, June 2009
SingaporeBrides.com - Ad & Editorial: Summer, June 2009
Female Brides: The Lady of Night, Spring 2009
Wedding & Travel, Editorial, Spring/Summer 2009
Solitaire, Editorial, Feb/Mar 2009
L'Officiel Singapore, Editorials, Jan, Feb, Mar, 2009
Men's Folio, Editoria, Jan/Feb 2009
Pilot Issue 01, Editorial, Summer 2009

Female, Editorial, Dec 2008
Project: Smitten, Cover, Nov 2008
Luxury, Cover, Oct 2008
Men's Folio, Editorial, Oct 2008
Female Brides: of Pomp and Pageantry, Fall 2008
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Siren's Song, Sept 2008
Appetite, Editorial, Aug 2008
Project: Smitten, Editorials, Apr, May, Jul, Aug, Sept, Nov, Dec 2008
Playeur: Cover & Editorial - Sonia Krans, June 2008
Playeur: Yunji, July 2008

Men's Folio, Cover & Editorial, Sept/Oct 2007


Josué Manjón said...

I just noticed yesterday that you have a blog here, nice, I use to see your work in deviantart and I am always amazed about it.
Greetings from Spain. :)

Andy King said...

Honey, gorgeous stuff! I think it's a great thing to do cos when you turn ninety you can have a stack of mags to impress guests/family "I was such a hotshot back then."

ANy magazines I've been published in I instantly send to grandparents. Best people when it comes to storage.

The lighting you have in photos is fantastic. It can't be tungsten as it's so cold, and not everything is shot outside... Im guessing Speedlight or strobes? I just finished hanging backdrop, will purchase a tungsten light (and a blue gel to neutralize the light colour).


Limetastic said...

Awesome! :D I think that's a good idea just for your reference and for ours. :3

Warren said...

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am definitely glad to discover this. great job!