Master Photo Digital - Feb 2008

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Very nicely written article, that seemed like research were actually done and my answers weren't just lifted word for word. It was just kind of over-flattering, that I was almost too embarrassed to read it with my friends around. Sorry the cover scan is terrible, something just wasn't right with the scanner. ^^;

Added a slideshow on the right side panel with thumbnails from Flickr, tell me if it lags?

Also on the right above My Recent Uploads you will find my updated Wishlist.

It's flooded with Alice Auaa because I'd become more obsessed with it than before since my visit to the boutique. My birthday is *cough* coming up *cough*.


ShutterBug said...

thumbs up!

Well done :)

Layfan said...

You are so fucking amazing!
I've been reading your blog and watching your photos and everything seems to me so so so so fucking great!

Claudio Setti said...

I'm really happy for you!

You deserve any praise you are receiving - your work is incredible!!!

Congrats and thank you for the inspiration!


nekoi said...

A very well written article for you jingna~ Keep it up!

LJY said...

I feel so proud of you.

....xD (Do I even have the right to be?!)

*massssssssssssssssssive hug*

Everything's been great, one photo more impressive than the previous one, extremely interesting posts one after another (it's like following a mini TV series: Jingna in Japan xD), fantastic purchases that make me itch for some of my own.. *_* and now a well written feature?

I can't help it. There's this huge bubble of satisfaction and awe growing inside me and I just want to show you off to everybody I know. xD

antmlover598 said...

You are my role model! I want to be JUST LIKE you! You're pictures are amazing,'re awesome!

lurker said...

gong xi!