Streetfest D'J Party 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Highlight of the day has to be the closing band put together by members from the organizing committee.

They were really awesome, super tight. The best in a long long long long long long time.

To my surprise I met the bassist and drummer from my first band. I still remember, that it was on hide's deathday (I didn't know it back then, of course), that I went to Davis with my bassist to buy his first bass. Then headed over to our guitarist's place, I was shown Endless Rain's scores to sight read on a small keyboard that didn't have enough keys. It was the look of joy in their eyes that I decided I'd play. That's when and where I started listening to X Japan. They'd came a long way~

D'J Party itself, well... it's just not quite the same being held in Suntec. Somehow I miss the days of defuse, genexis, l'zefier, amethyst... ah this is random.

Here, from left to right. You have an extremely loving looking zemotion, a DDDDDD: faced Kagetsuki, and a I-has-parasol-desu Dawn.

The picture makes absolutely no sense, but it's cute methinks. Although I've to admit that I wish I looked more dynamic than, of all things, loving. That's just damn freaking wrong for my image. D:

Recent photos

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I really like these~ Make up by Larry, the dresses are by his brother. Such awesome people.

This one, <3 And Aya: First set that I'd managed to finish from Tokyo so far. I am guilty ;_;

And with Kagetsuki, taken in Tokyo too.

I think I've some sort of obsession with flowers recently, after I came back.

This was done with Larry too.

Ah well, that's about as much as I can dig out. I'd been shooting so much, and yet I can post none. While all this time the backlog of personal stuff just keep piling and piling and piling. This really sucks. I need to shoot lesser.

Streetfest later!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

just a quick update. wow, thank you all who wrote in to apply for internship/assisting. i'm kinda overwhelmed. *_*

So so tired.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seletar Airbase yesterday. It was a rainy and painful day, really. The only redeeming fact was that we were shooting in a private jet and that part didn't (totally) screw up.

The taxi uncle took me for a ride in the morning going all the way into west camp, when I said "Ah... Uncle, wait, it's the east camp, I think it's the other way" upon arriving at the entrance. He shouted back at me for no reason and by the time we could make a turn back to the gates it was already 2-3 bucks more. He didn't even apologize and had me pay the full price.

The model was 2 hours late, strode into the room with a dark face with no remorse and tried justifying it by saying "it wasn't my fault, my bus didn't come, i waited for an hour, i woke up at 6 you know".


We called him at 9.10, he was waiting for a bus at Serangoon MRT. Hello? 9am was your call time? You were supposed to be here at 9, not waiting for a bus at 9.

And because we unpacked our stuff in a different hanger from the one we were shooting in, we couldn't shoot until 12 because it was pouring so bad and simply impossible to move the clothes at all. And later on he was actually falling asleep on the set.

Ah well, a million other things just weren't going perfect either. And per the usual of late, I'm so tired I don't even get pissed or agitated anymore. It's so good for my health. *laughs bitterly*

But okay I admit, despite all that, I have good pictures.

Took a cab from Millenia Walk to Novena after a shoot today because the amount of equipment I had with me were just impossible for me to consider the public transport.

$18. Peak hour in town is so so scary.

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri. I thought I was ready to do back to back shooting. But it's burning me out too fast. I can't wait for tomorrow's to be over.

Dealing with legal stuff is killing me. I don't even want to care, but some infringements are just going a bit too far. I can just feel a week-long migraine creeping up again.


I need a full-time intern or assistant. If you know anyone who may be interested, drop me an email

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bought Beksinski's artbook while I was at Kino yesterday. The printing quality isn't great... but there are some really wonderful quotes. I love. Especially the fact that he just wanted to create something beautiful. Me too. :D

ND Chow was showing me some new photos he took for West East Magazine, there is this Lanvin dress that's just... so so... so gorgeous. I want to photograph too.

Received EXPOSÉ 6, it's actually meant for Noah and lying next to my desk in its box. Come to think of it, I haven't exactly opened Spectrum 14 and all the previous books that had featured his works either, now I don't even know where they are after we moved again. I'm falling into the habit of not opening up stuff when our works are inside... and slowly losing track.

I'd only done one photoshoot in the past week, mostly trying to catch up with all the DI work. In its wake I started having nightmares about not shooting. Man I'm getting paranoid. Njoo said it's good that he's finally having more workaholic friends. Wahaha~

Photo from the night out with Derek. I'd wanted to get it that night only to realize my iPhone's bluetooth doesn't work.

My hair has grown longer. Hmmm.

Oh btw, my exhibition for this year has been confirmed. 16-30 Sept. :D

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I haven't had a single chance to go through photos from Japan properly till I started having a little breathing space to procrastinate from work today. (Well I did post some others earlier on, but those were already more or less done while I was there).

This was taken at some point of time when I was touring Kyoto with Derek.

It's still a strange feeling to have someone back after they'd been gone for 5 years... completely foreign to me since no one I know ever came back. But ah well, it's nice. :3

Did a beauty shoot yesterday, I'd meant to not shoot this week since I have loads of deadlines, but it just suddenly hit me and I had to do it... Impulsive I know, but at least we have nice and refreshing photos for a change. :D I spent some 60-70bucks on flowers. I spent a lot on flowers lately O_o...

Monday, May 5, 2008

I am so going to Taiwan.

All I wanted to do for my birthday

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Was to sleep and rest.

Before I started getting smses at 4am saying happy birthday and non-stop ones flowing in at 8am. Why had no soul done this last year when I was really free? (Well okay some did, but you know, not like this. And well, I was in Thailand for competition, so I probably offed my phone.)

Anywhere before 12pm is generally not good to sms/call me because I actually need the rest. It's way too early in this period called morning for me to be up, a foreign concept for me except on photo shooting days.

I am still glad to receive the messages, though. :3

Reality caught up as I tried to go back to sleep, that I really have 6 editorials due this coming week and a hundred other photos to retouch from my never-ending backlog.

Nevermind, just wake up I said, and thought sweetly about my best friend's sms yesterday,

"I actually played snooker with Lee Sedol and won money from him." It still makes every inch of me want to be in Shanghai even in the afterglow of it all. My heart was racing so fast after reading the sms I thought I'd hyperventilate (I mean it, I was in the middle of a photoshoot and I don't think I'd react that way even if it was about Yoshiki).

I mean, in my dreamed up situation there's only him and Lee Sedol, although I guess there might have been Chang Hao, other Chinese players he once trained with, and translators.

I hope he took a photo.

Oh well. Nevermind that.

This was cut last Sunday since he's in Shanghai this week. From Häagen-Dazs, strawberry and macadamia ice cream cake, I love.

Spent the day working on photos.

Had dinner with Derek, and talked a little about the arts and the paths I'd taken, and how not to sound like I am encouraging students to quit school should I be asked to talk about it, but really, the point is schooling isn't everything. Talked a little about Japan and Singapore, he says I'm having a reverse culture shock when I mentioned how I felt people seem so rude all of a sudden.

Had wonderful strawberry shortcake at Canelé, stuffing the mental note that I'm yet again putting on weight to the back of my head, where it's starting to get crammed with all these notes, and I went on about how the batch that came out after our order was 1cm thicker.

Due to some odd alignments of the celestial elements in the past few days I actually dreamt about Gundam Wing. Such days I wake up to find myself happy.

Ah well, bout time to end the fangirling, back to work.

Another year.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The one of being 19 passed quickly, and I wish I'd had more time with it. There were the usual tears and pain, maybe a little lesser than years before. It had been fruitful, I survived.

For half of it I struggled to get better and stand up from where I fell in air rifle, and the other half was being swept into working life full time before I could stop it from happening, not that I'm complaining. I lived alone in Japan for one and a half months, pretty much cut myself off from people in Singapore, it's different living overseas all alone.

I made more important decisions for my life that people groaned and disagreed with, thank you for pushing the blame onto my mum, but sorry to let you know it only made us stronger and I despise you more.

I withdrew from air rifle and schooling, and air rifle had meant so much to me I never imagined the day I leave would be before 25 or 30. But this much focus and devotion I felt was needed and decided to give to my photography.

No regrets.

Still, so much insecurities, uncertainties. But I'm trying.

Such a year being 19.

Please, accept my utmost sincere thank yous from the bottom of my heart for your support, and continue to give me your guidance in this year as I turn 20.

Noah, thank you for loving me, and never giving up on trying to pull me out of the darkness. Our memories, I will hold them dear.

04 05 08