Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bought Beksinski's artbook while I was at Kino yesterday. The printing quality isn't great... but there are some really wonderful quotes. I love. Especially the fact that he just wanted to create something beautiful. Me too. :D

ND Chow was showing me some new photos he took for West East Magazine, there is this Lanvin dress that's just... so so... so gorgeous. I want to photograph too.

Received EXPOSÉ 6, it's actually meant for Noah and lying next to my desk in its box. Come to think of it, I haven't exactly opened Spectrum 14 and all the previous books that had featured his works either, now I don't even know where they are after we moved again. I'm falling into the habit of not opening up stuff when our works are inside... and slowly losing track.

I'd only done one photoshoot in the past week, mostly trying to catch up with all the DI work. In its wake I started having nightmares about not shooting. Man I'm getting paranoid. Njoo said it's good that he's finally having more workaholic friends. Wahaha~

Photo from the night out with Derek. I'd wanted to get it that night only to realize my iPhone's bluetooth doesn't work.

My hair has grown longer. Hmmm.

Oh btw, my exhibition for this year has been confirmed. 16-30 Sept. :D


Otaku-chan said...

That artbook sounds pretty cool. Mmm, I would love to know what some of those quotes are.

Ah, being a photographer. It sure isn't a walk through a field of roses (er-well with their thorns cut off of course.)

Wow! Your hair truly is long. Mine is not even halfway as long as yours *laughs*

Congratulations on your exhibition! It is now official *claps*

Sukunami Taka said...

I miss kino so much. *sigh*
congrats on your exhibition =)

ne-koi said...

Look forward to seeing your exhibition.


Xia said...

You are so sweet when you're smiling, Jingna-san. Especially when it's so rare. But the less we are able to see it and it is shown to us, the more precious it is. Right?
Despite the fact you had to fight real hard and suffered from so many things, you still look great xD!

My hair had been even as long as yours a few weeks ago.. before I had it cut short.
Haha. Feels like a new start.

Wish you a wonderful day + much success for your exhibition + congrats.

Smile. Fight.

vanessa_urbano said...

hi mam, saw your profile at DA. I admire your works and creativity. You have such a great talent. I also live here in singapore (but m a filipina). if you would need an assistant, i would love to volunteer myself with no payments. just passion and open mind for new ideas :)


rong said...

Gorgeous long hair dear! =D
and congrats on the exhibition =)

Shinta Yagami said...

Congrats for yor exhibition and late happy birthday, better later than eve right? n_ñ

dante direnç said...

Your exhibition is confirmed?
That's great! (:
your hair is longer than mine..
16-30 September...

Junshien said...

hey! missed your blog for a couple weeks.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

pebble said...

wow!!! you really look like a friend i had called jia juan... but can't be