Singapore Flyer

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Only when I came back did I realize I took no shots of the place at all except these 2-3 that were angle tests before I started with my model. We went up for 2 rounds and there's a shot that I really really like taken in the capsule. Must wait till July's issue's out before I can post it T___T

Today's most expensive item was a bag from Chanel, I am however really really really in love with the heels, which, er, I think I cropped out in my shot for that look. ^^;

Last shoot that's near is on Saturday, then I'll finally have days off from shooting to start on pictures from as far back as November.

The speaker list this year for CGOverdrive's exciting, I wanna go~


parasane said...

Those are angle /test/ shots? Holy wow, they're sooo ... magnificent! Beautiful shots.

Looking forward to seeing the new touched shots soon, but hopefully you get some rest before then and feel better :)

Anaureie said...

that is an amazing shoot i bet, the locations amazing :O
what magazine will this be for?
:cant wait: to see em.