So so tired.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seletar Airbase yesterday. It was a rainy and painful day, really. The only redeeming fact was that we were shooting in a private jet and that part didn't (totally) screw up.

The taxi uncle took me for a ride in the morning going all the way into west camp, when I said "Ah... Uncle, wait, it's the east camp, I think it's the other way" upon arriving at the entrance. He shouted back at me for no reason and by the time we could make a turn back to the gates it was already 2-3 bucks more. He didn't even apologize and had me pay the full price.

The model was 2 hours late, strode into the room with a dark face with no remorse and tried justifying it by saying "it wasn't my fault, my bus didn't come, i waited for an hour, i woke up at 6 you know".


We called him at 9.10, he was waiting for a bus at Serangoon MRT. Hello? 9am was your call time? You were supposed to be here at 9, not waiting for a bus at 9.

And because we unpacked our stuff in a different hanger from the one we were shooting in, we couldn't shoot until 12 because it was pouring so bad and simply impossible to move the clothes at all. And later on he was actually falling asleep on the set.

Ah well, a million other things just weren't going perfect either. And per the usual of late, I'm so tired I don't even get pissed or agitated anymore. It's so good for my health. *laughs bitterly*

But okay I admit, despite all that, I have good pictures.

Took a cab from Millenia Walk to Novena after a shoot today because the amount of equipment I had with me were just impossible for me to consider the public transport.

$18. Peak hour in town is so so scary.

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri. I thought I was ready to do back to back shooting. But it's burning me out too fast. I can't wait for tomorrow's to be over.

Dealing with legal stuff is killing me. I don't even want to care, but some infringements are just going a bit too far. I can just feel a week-long migraine creeping up again.


I need a full-time intern or assistant. If you know anyone who may be interested, drop me an email


Otaku-chan said...

That just plain sucks. Really, the whole uncle, model, etc. thing is just aggrivating as hell.

*pat* *pat* I hope you do find an assistant or intern soon.

Finding Hecate said...

Your photos are beautiful and your life is very interesting, I hope your stresses pass soon!

dante direnç said...

well that sucks.
it did pour very hard that day,quite scarily actually considering the many days without rain.
two hours late is a bit much actually,i'd have at least thought he'd give brief apologies of some sort,but...ah well ._.
and he STRODE!that's really something.on my most hardened day i'd probably walk in slightly less...stridently.but then again i'm not him D8
as for the taxi driver,they're like that.with the fare hike and all it gets a bit harder for them to get customers so they're trying to get all the money they can.

b2b for shooting *does* sound like hard work. :salute:
...good finding your intern/assistant,in the conduct of your models,in all you do.

Anaureie said...

i wsih i could intern with you *hopes and dreams aha* but i'm in NYC...
If you are ever here....

LJY said...

If only you didn't say full-time. D: I could probably do 3 weeks during school holidays. xD

Other than that, sunny days always come after rain yes? :) *hugs* Hope things get better.

riverstyx said...

I love to intern/assist for you, but I live in Australia. Bit far away!

Ah, thats sucks..and it was raining on top of it huh?

irrana said...

would love to intern with you, if you'd have me. am malaysian though... and the only thing i have to worry is deferring my education, meal, lodging and accomodation. lawls.

Okami said...

dang, sounds pretty messed up.
Hope your future shoots go better, and hopefully get some rest in between.