Paris Day One.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

X Japan concert~!!!

Yeah I wish.

Sorry, bad joke. Hahaha.

On the way out of the Charles de Gaulle airport.

The train station.

The first thing I purchased: train ticket into Paris, 8.20euros. :D

And because I'm absolutely clueless to what I should do, I headed to the only place I know that's supposedly near to my hotel:
It was quite surreal, I sat there for a while. Just stoning. 9am in the morning, I don't think I ever get out back home so early in the day ever, to just watch people walk by.

Wonders of having maps at the bus stops. I found the road I'm supposed to head to, it's quite a bit of a distance, but I had ample time.

Along the way:
After some time, as slowly as I'd have had myself walk, I reached my destination. Left my luggage at the reception, it was still only 10.

I figured I might as well check out the neighbourhood.

A little bit down the road is Kenzo with empty mannequins in the windows.

Givenchy with the season's Haute Couture collection pieces.

And YSL.

Then I sat down at a bus stop a bit further down for half an hour. Surfed the net on my iPhone, and decided I was hungry. The cafes behind me looked really good and somewhat affordable, but I thought, maybe I could head back to the hotel and eat something and try sitting there till I can check-in into my room.

Fundamental error.

A cheaper option on the menu but still, I have to admit that this is the most expensive breakfast I'd had to pay for yet. (We might have had more expensive ones in the past, then again those were usually buffets and paid for by the association, but I highly doubt that much were more expensive than this hm)

The list consists of: pretty nice yogurt, cup of cut fruits, so so cappuccino, orange juice that's somehow a bit too bitter, and toasted slices that were so hard I feared about my teeth breaking as I bit down (it's actually not too bad, but, er, oh well).

That's roughly SG$80. -_-

So apparently I started feeling a bit cold, after surfing the net some more and reading a chapter of Sherlock Holmes on my phone, I decided to I try again at the reception around 12+.

Finally at 1.30 or so, I was shown to my room. Mwahahhahaa.

Beautiful isn't it.
Random self portrait~

Bang & Olufsen TV. (When they came later, Quentin and Gigi were totally going all over how cool the remote control was when we turned on the radio haha). B&O, plain awesome.

Slacked around for a while and decided I was too tired - a very hyper boy sat behind me during my flight and was kicking my seat throughout the whole night making it impossible to really sleep. So, comfy bed, comfy pillows = sleep. Hohoho.

Around 6 they sent in chocolates. I was half awake, but hungry. So I ate one, it's so nice I became awake enough to wanna blog about it.

Moments later they also sent in a weather card, tomorrow is partially cloudy, 15-27 degrees. :D

By then I started worrying. I was all alone~! The rest of the team was supposed to touch down at 5+ T__T

I started calling my photographer, it wouldn't go through. I could only pray very very hard that the flight got delayed and I didn't somehow end up in Paris due to some complications and mistake in planning.

Eventually the call came around 9+. The sky was only starting to get dark.

Finally at almost 10pm they reached. Yay.

Tomorrow we shoot! I am an assistant this time round, and I am nervous. Hahahaha.

I actually wanted to talk about how happy I was to be contacted by Ogilvy, but now I probably have to drop it because I'm here. But advertising jobs can come in anytime, chances like this one don't.

And as for STCC, I'm really really sorry for those who went down on Sunday just to see me. The trip came up really last minute T_T

It was great meeting so many people on Saturday, seeing some old faces from the SGMA days was totally unexpected.

Many thanks to Sonny Liew for informing me of the event, Gilamon and SoraWorks for being very very kind in agreeing to share the booths with me, Joyce my dear assistant for helping out at the event both days, Wacom for the collaboration, the guys from IFS for dropping by often, and everyone else for the support~~~

PS: If the print you wanted was sold out or you missed the event, I'll be back in time for Cosfest this weekend with new stock, so fear not. XD

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today was awesome, everyone who made it a point to come over to the booth to say hi, thank you so so much.

I'm typing this and waiting for my boarding. I promise photos soon. :D

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Packing up new prints for STCC.

Man some days can just start out so wrong.

Recent shoots had been rough and my phone had been dropped or knocked two or three times, the alarm and and ringtone have ceased working. I hope the 3G iPhone's more durable or I'd probably end up changing back to Nokia (which usually last me 1-1.5years, this has only been with me for 4months?).

So due to complications somehow my message "please wake me up at 9.30" resulted in a 7.30 alarm. Being all confused and tired I dashed out of bed to shower. To only find out by the end of the morning ritual that it's 7.45 by the time I got out of the bath.

This is really the last day for more sleep in the coming 10 days. I want more resttt.

It's here again, the pre-event migraines.

There may be some last minute changes to my schedule so maybe, I won't be able to make it on Sunday at STCC, if you're looking to meet me in person, tomorrow's traders night or Saturday will be a safe bet.

So much happening all at once. One Jingna's not enough.

Ahhhh kami-sama, is this your sign of loving.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I was talking to Joe about work, and because I'd been looking at so much skin, I said that if I were a guy, I think, I will definitely turn gay.

He reply was: I've thought about this regarding dentists before. If you stare at mouths of people all day, everyday, with so many of them having problems, will you be able to kiss anyone?

Then we mildly wondered about what the symptom could be called. Ah the randomness. Haha.

Friday, June 20, 2008

More photos of the pages~

Apologies for the lousy photos, I promise to take some nice ones once it's out. Quite a number of new images in the volume ^^

Did a little shopping today to unwind.

My sis was peeking behind me as I took these photos, first she went on about how high the heels were, then why I bought a children's book, it was really odd, because then everyone started laughing. =_=


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My turn. Just proofs for now. :3Some shots from pagination phase.

And colour proofing.

I made them all bw because the colours from my phone's messy like hell.

Ahhh so many sleepless nights with my assistants and designers, on Monday I felt like I was going to die if this lasted any longer. But I survived cramps, more shoots, more designing, more sleepless nights, and finally, finally, it's going to be done~~!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some stuff done for Lasalle a while back. The printing is.. /angst.

Went for the graduates' fashion show today, some pieces really have great runway appeal. I'm so happy for them~ Imo the fashion prog leader really did a great job this year.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some not very exciting self portrait I did after Streetfest. Thought to do it since I had makeup on and the last time I'd done a session was 6 months ago. It was all random and extremely impromptu. Combing out my hair out of that mess after Streetfest into this was one epic wonder. Applaud me. XD

I would really do more self portraits if I were photogenic or pretty. Alas god doesn't give us everything.

Did a beautiful beautiful shoot for Playeur last Sat, I think it's for the Aug issue, but that is if the shots aren't killed because of MDA regulations, first. Oh well.

Shot a kid (with an adult model together) on Monday. She's 8 and has been modelling for 4 years already. Like woahhhh. I'm considering sending my sister to an agency too.

Bought PS3 with my best friend last week and been slashing in Dynasty Warriors 6 for a while.

Zhao Yun's story was so gay I couldn't stop laughing, my best friend rendered speechless. I spoke to a friend who worked in Koei about it and he simply drew me a comic strip of how his boss would say, "hahaha but it's not gay~".

And then a few days ago I discovered this wonderful function of watching videos on my iPhone. (Duh, I wonder what I'd been doing with it) Loaded in Gundam 00 and somehow it is much more bearable than the last 2 times when I tried re-watching the first episode on my laptop.

I'm starting on ep 7, catching it while on the road to and fro shoots. I think it's a bit unhealthy for my eyes, then again staying up till 4am every day isn't exactly healthy either.

The anime itself is actually not that bad, not as much as the initial impression anyway. Ah I guess I can only conclude after I finish watching the whole series. Afterall my nerdy self in childhood watched Gundam Wing some 70+ times and no matter how crappy the artwork or cliched some lines were it won't be so easily replaceable. *evil aura surrounds*

Finally started on the layout and design of my photobook. I've got a really wonderful designer, I'm happier than I should be about the layout because it's not even done yet and there's still a lot to change. But certain pages look so good together I'm so sooo glad. And because of this the initial plan of 40-50 pages is probably not happening. Because, after picking out the photos, we simply couldn't squeeze them into that number.

On the positive side, it's going to be thicker.

On the negative side. I have no moneyyyy.

Well, not literally but, it is quite a sum for both the books, framing, insurance, prints and everything else my exhibition demands of me, I still don't have my sponsors, and the last time I checked, money can't be conjured out of thin air.

(Speaking of which, someone asked a question while I was speaking at NYP, very simple, very plain, "Are you rich?" I think quite a few people tried asking that before.
Well people generally assume others are rich if their hobbies cost a bit. But the truth is far from it.
I actually know girls who work part-time like mad during the school hols and spend all that money on a Super Dollfie. They cost between 1-2k, and their clothes easily in the 100s range, btw.
All my equipments were bought with my own earnings and savings, from my 350D to 5D to my current 1Ds Mark III. I'd stopped taking allowances from my mum when I was 15, the year that I stopped schooling at Raffles Girls. It's simple really, just don't spend on all that shopping and clubbing and taxiing. With a dollar a day and jobs every now and then, over the years it turns out to be quite a bit! I think I buy nothing else on a regular basis aside from artbooks. Heh.)

Back to the topic. Ahhhhhhh........ If only I wasn't aiming to get both the exhibition and photobook launching at the same time, whatever I was thinking. And my terrible streak of... whatever taste... with picking all things that just end up being on almost the very expensive to be done. I need sponsors~!

Well, anyway, I'd also been getting a few emails about this, yes I am selling the books in Singapore too. Let me sort out some final dimensions and paging details on my end, get previews up, and pre-order should happen soon. ^^

CG Overdrive is next week!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A little update on upcoming events that I will be attending.

Singapore Toy and Comic Convention
27-29 June
Suntec, Convention Hall 603
Artist Alley Booth F03: Draw and Shoot!

Cosfest VII
5-6 July 1pm-7pm
Downtown East

As usual, noah's prints, my prints.

Been mad busy with exhibition and photobook stuff. In the process of designing layout now, will update with pre-order info when it's more finalized...

Was invited to give a talk to some photography students at NYP on wed, an hour long. Found out along the way that they've got a motion capture studio. So cool *_*

Group photo, hijacked from one of the students. XD