Thursday, June 5, 2008

A little update on upcoming events that I will be attending.

Singapore Toy and Comic Convention
27-29 June
Suntec, Convention Hall 603
Artist Alley Booth F03: Draw and Shoot!

Cosfest VII
5-6 July 1pm-7pm
Downtown East

As usual, noah's prints, my prints.

Been mad busy with exhibition and photobook stuff. In the process of designing layout now, will update with pre-order info when it's more finalized...

Was invited to give a talk to some photography students at NYP on wed, an hour long. Found out along the way that they've got a motion capture studio. So cool *_*

Group photo, hijacked from one of the students. XD


Otaku-chan said...

Ha ha, well have fun at the convention.

Oooh, that sounds great. Enjoy yourself if you decide to go.

Au revoir.

Limetastic said...

Aww cute group shot!! :D

Li Ann said...

u even look emo there!!!!