Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm hardly updated about competitions, but this one I know, because I am judging. XD

A fringe event of the Singapore International Photography Festival, Asian Mosaics Travel Photography Competition is calling for entries, deadline is 31st August.

The prizes look pretty good hee, go take a look.

I've finally managed to decline enough shoots to have days for breathing and sleeping.

I've also finally managed to do a personal session I'd wanted do. *is happy* Joyce and I both think the girl looks like Keira Knightley.

Had a dream about air rifle a few nights ago. It's a wonder because it is very very very very rare for me to dream about air rifle, even in my days of full time training.

I was watching a competition. There were participants from veterans (a couple batches before myself and aren't around anymore now) not wearing their full getup to current national team shooters (or at least I think they were) who were just slacking and shooting terribly.

I was so horrified and disgusted I felt like pushing them all off and shooting myself. It was all so bad I woke up.


At least it was better than dreaming about bad photoshoots.

Arissa, Dawn and I were discussing about our epic shoot of the year that we ought to plan, (Last year's was The Midnight Game, and I haven't even managed to finish the photos' DI yet) and somewhere along the line Dawn had to spam distract me with photos of Williams.

I really do not need. =_=

A little reading had me updated that SDs have became more affordable than before and the idea of owning a Williams became more enticing, but I has good resistance to temptation desu. *laughs and rolls around*

My dream would be to own a Koitsukihime doll (for what I do not know). Although there are the more affordable pieces at low thousands, the really nice ones I saw at the exhibition when I was in Tokyo were around 30000USD (and that be a harem of 20 williams all dressed in h.Naoto). Then again maybe it's because they were exhibited pieces. Ahhhh don't know.

Oh well just daydreaming. Random random random. It's been a looooooooooong time since I woke up at 9am on a day with no shoots/meetings. Too bright, too early, too noisy, too incoherent.


riverstyx said...

good ur finally getting a breather!

ah i think i've had a similar dream before (although certainly not about air rifle.) quite frustrating...

the comp looks fun :D

... said...

I hope everyone at the competition does a good job!

Well, I see you've had a little more time to do some stuff *Cough*Likesleep*Cough*. Breathing....breathing is good.

Yeah. Those kind of dreams are nothing but a pain.

Hoyl Shiz. I always love those dolls. Someday I'll have one... After I've bought Mana-sama's ridiculous 10,000+ USD Jeune Fille guitar...

Rarara, I like waking up early with no reason actually...just hanging out at the comp., playing some music on my keyboard and failing at guitar, lol. *Shrugs*

Take careee.

Nik said...

To wake up early in the mornings for me it - a greater problem... Usually I work at night... Also I can often oversleep all the day long with small awakenings for a breakfast or coffee...Good music and strong alcohol - the rests from bad emotions...(but it not always and not often)...and again I plunge into the world of a photo... the world of images...if I do not work,that I look works of other photographers...I any more do not know where simply I and where I the photographer... as if trainings Kendo - photos, photos...but it is pleasant to me also I do not get tired of it...I never take part in photocompetitions... but from what I really have pleasant emotions when you come on any specialized exhibition, find eyes good unfamiliar model and costing among set of photographers in "pair of words" direct its actions on your the objective and see, how it starts to work for you...poorly explainable feeling of contact of model and the is more than is the necessary result...
You from the same group...You simply still have not learned to use the new world... And shadows of the "old world" hold you...

Nik Nikopol

dante direnç said...

I've never dreamed about fencing before.
kudos to you on getting a break. ^^
Studies have shown that human beings require time to do absolutely nothing (: