Thursday, July 3, 2008

There's Paris Epic Day2 (and Day3), but I'm so burnt out I have no energy to talk about them.

Some probably already know, I helped out a shoot backstage at the Dior couture show.

It was madness, but oh so epic.

Anyway, event update:

Cosfest VII
5th July 12pm-7pm
6th July 2-6.30pm
Downtown East

Booth number: 14.

For those who missed me last Sunday and want to get the book personally feel free to drop by then... Restocked hornet and sad summer vacation too. :D

Photobook will be SGD45 at the event~

PS: Just to reiterate, I sell prints personally at events only and don't ship/mail them for individual sales, but you can purchase from deviantART, thank you~


Otaku-chan said...

Aw. *Pat* *Pat* You can get us catched up later. You rest.

I'm glad the Dior show was nice :).

Take care and have fun♥

ice-evanesco said...

I am now full of happy, because it just so happens that I have saved up enough to buy your photobook~! And have leftover money to buy other prints (My room desperately needs to be infused with more life than plain blue walls ^_^;)

I'm probably going to wrap it up nicely and carry it everywhere, like how I treat my (borrowed) copies of Gothic Lolita Bible.

hana-no-ren said...

I wished to be there.. Want your photobook so badly!

I hope you have a lot of fun there! <3

Jhun said...

Hi, was at the cosfest earlier today and bought your book as well as a pic of you and your assistant.
Been a fan of your work.
Hope to see more of your work.

Crizallide said...

you're so lucky girl ! great spontaneous pictures ! <3 luv'