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Monday, August 11, 2008

Done for BeautyBlackBook a while back. Gorgeous makeup by Greg O.

Greg does really really beautiful eyes and hair (can't see much hair in these 2, I'll post the hair focused ones when they're out).

Ahhh beautiful is beautiful. *loves*

And a more cheerful set for Smitten. Also done with Greg~

Ahhh I am so so so so tired.

I sat on the floor for so long in such bad positions while shooting today, my ass now hurts like the bones may split if I don't sit on somewhere cushioned.

But it's all really worth it.

For the first time I woke up almost an hour before my alarm rang in the morning. (This has really, never, ever, happened before)

For the first time I felt nervous and anxious for a shoot both at the same time (usually it's just either or).

For the first time I actually DREAMT about doing the shoot JUST prior to doing it (imagine my panic and horror).

For the first time I worked with a face is so beautiful and inspiring I felt like as if I was shooting a million-dollar campaign.

And well, the photos look great. Thank you everyone for the hard hard hard work. *hugs*

And random rant on the Olympics and Air Rifle (that I'd totally quit but still slightly obsessing over)

I can't believe Zhu Qinan came in 2nd and lost the Men's 10m Air Rifle medal. His only mission is like, to win this gold in this Olympics. I feel so sad for him and Du Li. Sigh.


=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

WOW~ Beautiful!!!!!!
Really feel so nice seeing all those beautiful stuffs...
Thanks for sharing ^_^

ØŦĀĶŬ-ČĦĂŅ said...

Weeoo weeeooo weeooo.

Haha, beautiful photos darlin'.

A ton of firsts for you I see♥ *Pat* *Pat* *Pat* *Pat* *Hugs*

Sorry to hear about the Olympics though... ( I need to keep up with that. )

Nik said...

Good a portrait " with a mirror " - there is a sensuality on face of girl...An interesting series...

Nik Nikopol

ladydesign said...

i can't say anything! Wow is not enough. The light & shadow are different with you. You get more pro. everytime.

riverstyx said...

they're beauitful!! esp love the first two :D

great work :) i can almost feel ur anxiety...!

MattDior said...

It really beautiful.

Love the colour, the feel and the look...

Well, it beautiful!!!
i Love it..

LJY said...

I want to see the photos.! *_*
My beautiful garden light :P xx

Zhang Jingna said...

jieying: ahhhhhhhhhh soon sooon! mid sept!! (its oct issue right?) i think so.

Peter Dyrholm said...

Beautiful work... May have been rough on you and hard work but it sure did pay off.

good job you can be proud

Starlight said...
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Starlight said...

Hee, lovely photos! The last three I love; they look like something from KERA Magazine! :D/

Also, I'd love to go to your exhibit in September, but school is keeping me busy. I would've flown to SG just to get a copy of your photobook if I wasn't so swamped with stuff to do -_____-''

nash said...

I love the shots!! like always!

ne-koi said...

I'm visiting your exhibition with a fellow photographer :)

Peter Hong Chan said...

beautiful blog u got here.. gonna be coming back for sure!

fishy said...

your works are just amazing! purely beautiful! i'm out of words to describe how beautifl there are!

keep it up, nd sorry for the random-ness

Zohre said...

Beautiful work!You are a amazing photographer.I like your style.Good job. :)