Monday, August 4, 2008

Had the worst migraine in a long time. It usually comes when I'm under too much stress or pressure (probably self induced). This time it came in the midst of sleeping. I woke up, slept, woke up, slept some more. Stubborn as it was, it just refused to go away.

I vaguely wondered for the first time if I actually need to see a doctor for it.

It did go away, eventually.

Joe was suddenly very keen on tarots, I said I could give him one of my old decks if he can find them. I haven't seen them for some years.

Then I had a sudden urge to arrange all my books, they'd been everywhere since we moved here.

To my horror I found out that a lot of my art and photobooks are missing, as well as my complete collections of The Sandman and Gothic Lolita Bible. They're probably hidden somewhere, in some boxes. Oh well.

I did see most of my manga, though.

A lot of childhood photos came up. Joe said I should post them some day.

After Joe left (no luck with the tarot deck), I felt inspired to work and actually got down to finalizing options for 4 sets of photos. Which very very very rarely happen these days.


A simple shoot, but this is among the things keeping me sane from work.

Just us, in my room. We move quietly, no need for vast studio space, music and small talks. No worries about deadlines, retouching revisions I so dread, cropping restrictions.

No other presence.

It's a wonderful feeling to shoot without people scrutinizing every shot on the computer and trying to direct my shoot. I didn't realize how much I missed this quiet feeling.

And because I feel I'd worked so much yesterday, I shall slack and laze around today for I know tomorrow will be full of revisions and DI. But there's a shoot to look forward to, so I shall rest~

Then again I'm fascinated with my shelves all of a sudden, and as I am bored I shall take photos.

Doll Vol3-7's missing, I realllly like the series and found myself actually rereading it as I started cleaning up. On the right is Blade of the Immortal, coming to think of it, the first print was in 1994, it's been 14 years. I only picked it up around 2001/2002, but still, it feels like time passed so fast.

Hikaru no Go at the back, Serial Experimental Lain DVD, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust DVD, Soundtrack DVD (no subtitles, but sugizo is love), Blade of the Immortal (English, very very expensive), Paradise Kiss. Anansi Boys (I think it's my favorite from Neil Gaiman, other than Fragile Things and Coraline), and on the right Lareine's Never Cage and Malice Mizer's Bara no Seido.

XXX Holic and Trinity Blood with many missing volumes, Kagen no Tsuki Limited Edition box set which was very very veeeery expensive (I think if it's released now, I wouldn't buy it). Record of Lodoss War manga missing Vol2, and some ImagineFX issues that noah-kh contributed in (and I co-wrote and translated for).

I love Goth, one of my favorites too~ It's like a softer, less complex version of MPD Psycho, with its own edge~

The very few surviving artbooks, some Shoxx, Harper's Bazaar, whole set of pirated Angel Sanctuary manga I bought after I'd read the series (which were original, and gave away, if you insist on knowing), thinking I'd reread them, and it never happened.

Some of my favs are here too: Peter Lindbergh, Terra's Cover Girls, Madeleine Vionnet, Malice Mizer's Bara no Higeki, LUNA SEA's ZOE, (these all have like, 2 books, and I have no clue where they went), Hikaru no Go artbook, X Japan Final Legend, Hyung Tae Kim's Oxide 2 (both korean and japanese versions, yes I really liked HTK at one point of time), Ayano Yamane's artbook for the Viewfinder Series, Hiroaki Samura's Love of the Brute (Hitodenashi no Koi), Weiss Kreuz artbooks, Samurai 7 concepts (thank you derek!).

I'm clearly procrastinating from work.

Not enough for me to post my childhood photos though, maybe next time.

My mum is going to Beijing to watch the Olympics, I sorta regret not taking up her offer to go along.

I used to go into the field picking up clay pigeons, run up the mountains and picking up random fruits from trees.

I miss that 大杂院 I grew up in, with huge walnut trees.

It's probably not there anymore.


riverstyx said...

it must be hard working so much!!

i'd like to have ongiong photo work like that..though maybe should appreciate my freedom.

its fun seeing old stuff isn't it....

and yeah, i know the feeling of just enjoying your own artistic work without commerical pressures :)

ØŦĀĶŬ-ČĦĂŅ said...


Too much work...eek. *Pat* *Pat* Nice photos you took by the way. It really must be great to not have anyone judging your work and telling you what to do.

Awesome, your childhood photos~

So much manga and...stuff. You'll be able to find the rest of the things missing, I'm sure.

( So not supossed to be on this post, but...*Cough*NiceSeliaphotoit'sfullofepicproportions*Cough* ).

Take care, alright? No more migraines!

Li Ann said...

thats your bedpost!!

Nik said...

The good face of the girl in photos and photos in style others... There is such concept at photographers - " air" (when the space of a photo supplements with itself the image instead of so, that space in itself, the image in itself).
...Because of that as a rule the photographer looks in the view-finder by one the same eye, muscles of the second eye are less developed and at work with a computer more than hour different loading on eyes can cause headaches which can be about one day (if to not accept a medicine)... If at you a similar situation - it is necessary to give loading and on the second eye... And at long work on a computer with images (when eyes are strongly strained because of work with a photo) to do breaks and exercises for eyes...
... Time to finish drinking the whisky which have remained after photographing...

Nik Nikopol

dante direnç said...

You put my shelf of manga and other Japanese stuff and Fresh Mode (goodness, those guys are dead) to shame. XD
The Olympics... oh well. (I've been drawing Jingjing on many blank spaces around me for a while now.) as a child. I'm trying to imagine it. It's kind of hard actually for someone who's drawn her English teacher in the clothes of Harry Potter, Yoda and Snow White.. ><

Beautiful shots. I think I understand the feeling of people directing down to the last detail. It limits things.

I feel there's a difference between your works when you're left to your own devices and when you work for other people. I can't put my finger on it, but there it is.

dante direnç said...

OH I JUST NOTICED it's the 2.5m-ish long white tube dress!

JuN said...

I have the first 3 or 4 books of Trinity Blood, u want them?
I havent got the time to read them, might as well let someone who will appreciate it have them.

U know how to contact me :)