September Editorials

Sunday, August 24, 2008

For Harper's Bazaar: One of my favorites~ The necklace is sooo beautiful T_T

Styled by Alli Sim.
Kind of missing 2 beauty shots, I don't know where they went, maybe the next issue. >_>

Smitten's decor spread:
Styled by Yin. We had like, 48 donuts (I only took 6, really, and Kagetsuki and I finished all 6 after the shoot hahaha).

Styled by Yin too, makeup by Cherlynn Ong, hair by Kenneth Ong.

For Appetite.

Lasalle-SIA had been ridiculous. I don't know to laugh, or cry. Laugh bitterly I guess. Lawl.

After dragging the payment for 4 months, they've decided to inform me that they would be deducting 80% of my payment for my "school fees", for the months AFTER I received dozens of letters telling me I'd permanently withdrawn. And despite ALL that, I'd never received the 20% outstanding payment anyway.

Someone tell me how is this even legally correct?

My Wacom just gave its first sign of dying today. Horrible things all happen at the same time, I don't even feel like I can laugh it off anymore.


Well, that's about as much as I should rant. Back to work, starting Tuesday we'll begin the printing for the exhibition pieces. I'll remember to take photos~~

I'd like to thank everyone who'd sent their congratulations for the exhibition and purchased Something Beautiful, your support and encouragement really mean so much to me, especially in a time like this.

I promise not to rant in the future, so just forgive me, and let me be childish today...~ T_T


ØŦĀĶŬ-ČĦĂŅ said...


Congratulations on the book by the way. I'm a little lazy ( maybe more than just a little ) to actually congratulate you in any other way then a comment here, lol. *Wishes I could buy it*

Damn. Rant away darling. *Shrugs* Who cares if it's childish. It's like...good for the soul. *Pat* *Pat* *Pat*

Nik said...

...Good the portrait of the girl with a white hair and has "something" edible in a hand... A good composition with bottles of perfumery...
The person should be such as what it feels itself...
Somehow I did one project to one firm, it was necessary to advertise jeans clothes, having looked at the girl I have understood what to photograph it in those clothes which was offered by the customer, it is idiocy... I have cut jeans and photographed it without clothes only in these jeans... When the customer has seen these photos - it was strongly dissatisfied... To me have paid nothing... Have taken other photographer... And approximately through a floor of year, other firm too trading jeans has out a poster with partially nude the girl (the familiar photographer there worked) and this advertising company has allowed it to lift the break-even sales level strongly...

Nik Nikopol

riverstyx said...

Ah, rant all you like! Need somewhere to get the frustration out. That sucks about ur pay! can they even do that?

Really lovely works, and the stylists did great jobs to :)

Looking forward to seeing your book in the flesh! or, should i say, the leaf.

ladydesign said...

wow so proud of you!
I like the first photo with pearls
I like how the light touch her soft skin gently

great one

pebble said...

i've linked you.. :D

dante direnç said...

hmmmmm blogs.
Many blogs were created as a means to a place where one could finally be free from social convention and say whatever the heck they wanted.
So go ahead and rant. No one's going to call you childish.
If it remains contained, horrible things could happen. (has flashback)
But if you choose to release it by yelling (as I do) you could disturb the neighbours.
So I feel ranting's still the best way to go about it.
On a side note, I'm now undecided as to the exact day I should go to the exhibition. -_-||| I feel like going on the first possible day, but then it would be happiness to look at your works the day I turn sixteen...

ANTONIO said...

love you work ..eres la mama de mis nenes.