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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Youth.SG: To give up fame and glory for a dream

My favourite article as of late~ :3

For some other recent ones you can always check out the index.

funny random convo with long-time kgs friend eat, from the singapore room:

me: eat eat~! come for my exhibition!!
eat: where is it?
me: Singapore, of course
eat: hahaha when is it on?
me: Sept 12-23rd
eat: hahaha let me get my axe out
jingna: lol what?
eat: start building my boat yeah
eat: 2 days to build it
eat: 10 days to row to singapore
me: ....
me: heck of a row there.
eat: ahaha so what you exhibiting?
me: ..........................................

*is hurt*

Been talking to quite a few people on CGHUB. People from Sheridan are so so funny, it's not funny anymore.

I just totally made no sense. Hahaha.


ØŦĀĶŬ-ČĦĂŅ said...



*Patx* *Patx*

riverstyx said...

lol, he he. there there. ;)

maybe i should get an axe to build a boat, too.... [thinks]

Juliet Fiamatta Asto Capulet said...

www *hugs* If I had enough money to get an axe I`ll prolly do the same to go (*A*)

dante direnç said...

I shall walk.
It's healthy, and I don't need a boat ^^.
Was pretty interview, that was.
(Everyone has moments like that lol.)

Nik said...

Dialogue with one photographer one of these days:
photographer: You do your the project?
I: no.
photographer: and how long?
I: long.
photographer: and why?
I: I do not know.
photographer: a tired?
I: from all.
photographer: also what you will do further?
I: I do not know.

theme " the wolf rain "... repeats... always...I for a long time... did not see those mountains... that country...
Music plays... In studio "pilots" are shone... One of models dances a striptease before other girls... Soon photosession...

Nik Nikopol.

riverstyx said...

by the way, i got your photobook - its fantastic!! looks so good :D

great, great work :)