The Opening Night

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's been long, and painful.

I feel like I can die happy now.

Some photos from Ron Lee's album on facebook.

Flowers from various people. I was so surprised when the first came in, from Shooting Gallery, in the morning. I'd never expected any of this at all. *_*
Ron and I.

Thank you so much everyone for coming. It means so much to me. T__T

The Arts House is closed this Saturday (today), if you'd like to bring friends I'll be there on Sunday the whole day. ^^

Thank you, my dears, for being with me.


ShutterBug said...

My.. you are fast :D

Congrats again!

Lurve, Ron ^.^

ØŦĀĶŬ-ČĦĂŅ said...

Kewlness. So glad things went well ( I believe? ).

Take care.

Nik said...

My congratulations (!)

I somehow was at an exhibition of one known photographer which exhibitions have gone round all world (!), but it was visible - he worried (), he fussed and looked in the face visitors as if trying to understand about what they think... I then have thought, that I am absolutely deprived such emotions...
Leni Riefenstahl speaking about her-self the creativity, has named only one photo by the maximum achievement is a portrait of the woman from some African tribe - and by it she has told to the world all...True "judges" of creativity of photographers will be photographers... Works of photographers of the past and photographers of the future... This recognition is important...It difficult road to true "Olympus"...

and my congratulations once more(!)

Nik Nikopol

Yin said...

My congratulations to you :]

riverstyx said...

congrats! had a look at ron's page, the exhibition looks really really good! :D

sure you must be relieved, and fulfilled ;)

Esthaenie L. aka HuiHong L. said...

Wish I was there....having trial exam next mon ;_;....I want to be there so badly!

Squee said...

Congratulations on your 1st exhibition!! it was beautiful

I was quite to see bishie written in my copy of the book lol 5 'e's

dante direnç said...

Nein, thank you.
And you need a Wikipedia article. The only one that alludes to you currently is the 2005 SEA Games results. And your link is red (which means you don't have an article)!

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

You must be very very happy~!!!
All the best to yoU~
Wish that I can go to your exhibition too~

dante direnç said...

0_0 I just noticed.
It's the rose 8D
Do make sure it doesn't get eaten by goats ^w^

ice lee said...

congratulations =)
i wish i could travel overseas to see your exhibit,
but i am content with knowing that it was something beautiful ;p
you look lovely, by the way =)

ladydesign said...

Congrats luv

my father was in singaphore..and i wanted to let him visit your gallery - i wish i could be there