Sunday, August 31, 2008

Watched the screening of Sakuran with Skan and Derek from IFS.

Really really nice. I love Mika Ninagawa's directions, so distinctively her.

The goldfish kept making me think of Dave McKean even though it's different. Hahaha.

Anna Tsuchiya is love.

Someone at the screening thought zemotion was a guy. =_=

As for my exhibition...

The exhibition website is here:

and also, on Facebook Events.



ØŦĀĶŬ-ČĦĂŅ said...

O mai. That looks so interesting. FunFun.

Errrr. Looked at the website. It hates IE (or just me. Idkkkk.) I hope all goes well at the exhibition.

tsubaki_ said...

Hi zemotion, I'm the guy that thought you were a guy.

I want to apologize for that ignorant comment. I didn't realize how awesome you are until I read you up.

But still, glad to meet you in person. Cheers.

riverstyx said...

nice trailer ;) its got nice colours :)

oh and love how the site for ur exhibition looks!and ur bio too, really nicely written :) best of luck with it all!

Okami said...

cool, so you finally got to see Sakuran. I love that movie.

Anyway, looking forward to coming over there.

see ya soon..

Zhang Jingna said...

otaku-chan: which page doesn't work for you? o_O

tsubaki: hey hey, it's alright, i just thought it was a bit funny hehe. no worries :)

riverstyx: thanks!

okami: yeah! i'm so glad. thank you for the recommendation my dear. can't wait to see you next week. <3

dante direnç said...

I watched the first parts of Sakuran on Crunchyroll. It was very visually appealing, but I didn't finish it.
And yes Anna Tsuchiya is love.

Vivian Lai said...

sakuran was a good movie -- very inspiring~

but its weird, i watched the trailer u linked and it seems like some of the parts arent in the movie?
or am i just forgetting them cuz ive watched it a long time ago O_oa;;

amandalim said...

I received your photobook!

Thank you so much. :') It is truly something beautiful.


ØŦĀĶŬ-ČĦĂŅ said...

I got a feeling my comment might have gotten a reply....

Well, it's like I click on the link for info and stuffz on the website and it cuts offff. Like my screen is not big enough or something. Lol, it happens with me. No worries.

evinrude said...

i recently just watched sakuran too~ and i have to agree it's really great =)

cococrunch said...

Hi Jingna,

This might be way too late but I went for the screening too, ^_^!! Nice movie!!

Sorry I missed your exhibition though, X_x

Nikki (Not sure if u remember me? LOL~)