Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cover for luxury magazine, Oct 08.

Fashion direction: Ashburn Eng
Photography: Zhang Jingna
Model: Kim M/Ave
Assistants: Joyce Poh, Octavia S
Makeup: Larry Yeo
Hair: Ivy Tan

This is from the shoot where I damaged my lens, haha.

Will be in London from the 15th-21st this month, possibly want to organize a small meet up. If you're interested do drop a message over on facebook. I'll post the final details up there once I confirm a place and time~

I feel productive today.

Attended the opening of "Eye of the Beholden" by Park Jung Lim at artoholic gallery. (Love the one that's in the photo).

On the way back as Joyce and I walked along Joo Chiat Road there was also the preview of Poetic Ubin by Ho Kah Leong going on, and he invited us in as we walked by. It was hilarious to see faces of the people who were inside when they asked us where we're from and I replied "invited off the streets".

Received an email from a really good model agency in London (which reminded me to look through some 60 casting replies on my MM), now I feel like I have way too little time there. There're so many people I wanna work with, plus I still have to set aside 2 days for Newcastle. Boo~

Oh well, will just have to try to make the best out of it. ;_;

Gah. And now I realized, after all that, I haven't taken my dinner. Painnn.


riverstyx said...

ah, i love it! :D very cool. hopefully ur lens is still ok ;)

enjoy ur dinner ;p

Nik said...

The objective(as I also thought) - has kept " working parameters "(!) (though it is better to check on " specialized tables ").
Good photo(!).
Successes in London and of good photos().

Nik Nikopol

ladydesign said...

wow amazing photo cover!

london? so jealous!! I won't be able to go there this month for sure, hope the weather will be ok otherwise u will miss the sun :P