Siren's Song

Monday, October 6, 2008

Harper's Bazaar Singapore Oct 08

Styling: Alli Sim
Photography: Zhang Jingna
Hair: Vivian Tay
Make-up: Cindy Goh
Manicure: Joyce Chang
Model: Alex V/Ave
Photography Assistants: Joyce Poh, Andrew Halim, Low Jie Ying
Styling assistant: Sandy Young

Probably my favorite editorial to date. I love, love her face.


Diana, distorted said...

Bazaar? You rock my world.

riverstyx said...

ah, love it! its gorgeous! :D

the fishbowl is cool too, hehe ;)

Nik said...

Idea with " a mirror in sand " - original idea.
In idea of image - a lot of glamour, but would be better more sensuality.

Nik Nikopol

Tobie said...

*sweeps up dust n dirt from jingna footprints and dumps it here*

MeLa de Gypsie said...

love perfume bottles.. they're great subjects... =D

Finding Hecate said...

Really beautiful and interesting!! Whose idea was it to put the perfume in a bubble?
Did you shoot in studio and bring sand in..?

Jarod dingyong Law said...

great photograph!

Tina said...

This is simply stunning!

LJY said...

I can't wait to get my hands on a copy :D :D :D it looks amazinggggGGG